Learning the Technology That Moves the Movies

You can often depend on technology to move the entertainment industry to the next level of enjoyment. Just by browsing movies from different decades, you can see how it”s often technology that pushes whether certain kinds of storylines can be produced or not.

If you want to learn the technology involved in the entertainment industry, specifically as associated with movies, film, and theater, there are several topics that you should pick up. You can look into special effects makeup, computer-generated images, green screen technology, and even the fact that now a huge number of movies need to respect the potential for streaming over the Internet.

Special Effects Makeup

Especially for horror movie fans, learning about special effects makeup is a no-brainer. Yes, technology does allow a lot of things to be computer-generated or added in post-production, but there”s something to be said for the actual physical components of costuming. Specifically when it comes to blood, guts, and horrific-looking injuries, special effects makeup is what will make the difference between an okay movie and one that is spectacularly entertaining to people who appreciate the genre.


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Computer Generated Images

As computers got faster and smarter, the movies changed along with it. Now, most films include computer-generated images as a large part of their budget, effort, and push for talent. You can look at all of the famous Pixar movies for one example, or you can look how the production of Star Wars movies has changed since the first several came out. Almost a majority of the new ones are done with computer-generated images and post production, which is something that”s either good or bad depending on what camp you”re in. Some early fans of Star Wars appreciated all the model building that went into it back in the day.

Green Screen Technology

Have you ever wondered how green screens work? With a quick Google search, you”ll find that green screen technology makes a lot of movies and films possible. Strictly concerning staying on budget, simply having one big green screen room available can save potentially millions of dollars because you can just add the background in later, and not have to worry about things like weather or licensing!

Streaming Potential

Movies have to be made these days understanding that a lot of people stream them. The popularity of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other streaming services means that technology is being incorporated in different ways not only to make movies but also to play them back. Movie producers and marketing professionals have been paying much closer attention to this in the last several years as the number of people who stream movies has exploded. There is money to be made in this category if people figure out how to convert streams into hard cash.

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