Ways Technology Can Make Some Fast Money

Not everyone has the spare time to invest in an online money-making venture, but those who do should take a moment to read this article.  It is not a scam.  The internet really can generate a respectable income for those who have a few hours a week to invest in the process.

Several online opportunities will provide the ability to earn a full-time, working income equivalent, and even more chances to earn a part-time income on the side.  Here is a quick overview of a few of the most viable online money-making opportunities.

Become an Uber driver

Uber is a web-based, user-driven, application that is taking over the taxicab industry.  Uber offers the ability to travel cheaper and faster, as Uber vehicles are driven by ordinary individuals looking to make a little extra money by providing transportation.

It is not a complicated process to become a driver for Uber.  Depending on the make and model of the vehicle being used for transporting purposes, Uber drivers have a couple of different working options.  Drivers with nicer, newer cars can make twice as much as those with ordinary coach-mobiles.


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Freelance writing jobs

Freelance writers are making a comeback with the growing popularity and abilities of the internet.  Business owners are in dire need of engaging content, and they do not have enough time to sit and write it themselves.

Content writing positions are relatively easy to obtain, but it is necessary to heavily screen opportunities as there are a whole lot of dead end offers.  Find a reliable and reputable job site to find viable writing opportunities, and get to writing.

Test newly developed apps

There are many sites online that host a platform for individuals to test developing applications and websites.  It does not pay much per test, but those who find themselves spending hours on their cell phones playing with mindless apps are ideally suited for this money-making opportunity.

Listen and rate music

SliceThePie and Inboxdollars Radio are two different platforms that allow users to listen, rate, and comment on music selections.  Each song the user analyzes accrues a small financial benefit that will add up in the end.

Typically, users have the ability to cash out their points for actual money or simply use them as credit towards the purchase of one of the products offered on the site.  Again, this is not a full-time money generator, but it will generate a little extra income.

Sell stuff on eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist

One of the most efficient and speedy ways to make a little cash online is to sell stuff.  Sell stuff on eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist.  Though eBay and Etsy will charge a percentage of the profits reared from sales using their platform, Craigslist is a wide opened marketplace.

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