Increase Office Productivity With These 5 Tech Tips

Technology can take a business in one of two directions. It either leads a company astray by overwhelming employees and complicating processes, or it streamlines processes and enhances productivity. If you want your business to fall under the latter category, it’s time to start focusing on how technology can aid your office in the coming months.

Invest in Cloud Technology

The advantages of cloud computing are widespread and many. While better disaster recovery and scalable costs are certainly important, the benefits of increased flexibility, collaboration, and the opportunity to work from virtually anywhere are the most critical from a productivity and efficiency standpoint.

Specifically, cloud technology is a time-saver. Whereas the average company can spend well over 100 hours per week managing on-site security and other IT-related issues, according to research conducted by Webroot.

Encourage Employees to Utilize Productivity Apps

While the decision regarding whether or not to implement a BYOD policy in your office is an entirely different discussion, the reality is that smartphones and mobile devices are very powerful tools when used appropriately. The new iPhone 6 is particularly efficient, providing access to thousands of different productivity apps that help with everything from note taking to email management.


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For a look at some of the top iPhone productivity and organization apps of 2015, check out this comprehensive list. Some of the top selections include Dragon Dictation, Evernote, and Google Docs.

Use CRM Software to Make Customer Service Easier

You can actually increase your overall level of customer service and productivity at the same time by investing in a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. These sophisticated resources can help you organize and automate customer interactions, which allows employees to handle other pressing tasks.

Upgrade Old Technology

One of the biggest roadblocks to productivity and efficiency within an organization is the dependence on old, outdated technologies. Not only are they slow, but they’re also unreliable and lack many of the features new technologies come with. Take inventory of the software, computers, and equipment you use and run the numbers to see if an upgrade is possible. The upfront expenses will pale in comparison to the long-term savings from increased productivity.

Allow Occasional Telecommuting

Depending on the industry you work in and the IT infrastructure you have in place, allowing your employees to telecommute once or twice per week can save time and money. Furthermore, by cutting back on long rush-hour commutes, your employees will find extra time to take care of small tasks that otherwise get put off until another day. If you do decide to allow telecommuting, be sure to set some guidelines and expectations for your employees.

Maximize Efficiency and Productivity

As long as you’re paying individuals to work for you, it’s wise to ensure your money is being well spent. By focusing on these five productivity-boosting tips, you can keep employees happy and business operations efficient.

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