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Invoice is a document along with price of goods purchase by the customer which is made by invoice maker then it is given to the customer for payment. When the consumer has paid for the products then company is given a receipt. The receipt is the proof for the consumer for payment of products. It means that the invoice is a written proof of the agreement between the consumer and company of the products. An invoice is also called bill, sales invoice or receipt of the payment made by invoice maker.


It stands for electronic invoicing. Electronic invoicing is an electronic billing to make, monitor and save transaction document and agreement between customer and seller. The e-documents may have details of remittance slips, purchase order, receipts, invoices, and credit notes, terms of payment and instructions. Digital invoices are generally sent through mail, webpage or app. E-invoicing has several advantages including easy in searching and print, save data, terms or dates and decrease use of paper. Plus, with e-invoices, business are able to make use of software like the Affinda invoice extractor to extract and sort the relevant data from invoices, meaning payments can be made quicker with no compromise on accuracy.

It has several technologies and describe the detail of an invoice is presented electronically to consumer for the payment. Many e-invoicing standards such as UBL and EDIFACT are made in all over the world to make easy acceptance and efficiency.


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There are several details of the products or goods which is purchased by the consumer are as given below

  1. Name and address – In invoice, the name and address of consumer and invoice maker. If you are make the invoice in accounting software then only require the email address of the consumer.
  2. Date – It is a very important detail of the products that in which date invoice was created by invoice maker.
  3. Details of products – Invoice provides the descriptive detail of the products with prices and quantities which is purchased by the customer. This detail helps in know the exact price and quantity of the products. If any product is missing in the company then the details of products in the invoice helps in solving the problem between the seller and the consumer.
  4. Invoice number – The complete data of customer is recorded in the computer. The Invoice number helps in viewing the full details of the customer if a misunderstanding between seller and customer.
  5. Contact names and number – The contact names and numbers of the customer and the seller are included in the invoice which helps in to make contact easily if any query.
  6. Terms of payment – It informs the customer for any discount details for late payment and early payment and many more.

Importance in business – An invoice is a set of records details of transaction between consumer and seller is very important in business. It avoids misunderstandings if any then by using invoice number we can get details of purchasing by the customers.  If a payment is overdue or missing then full details are found in the invoice.

Invoice plays an important role in production companies where huge amount of products are order and purchased by the management in the company. Prices, quantity and other details of large amount of products are found in the invoice. When all the products are collected then the manager of a company signed it so it informs that everything is ok.   If a products are send in another state then invoice are used as a proof. In other words, invoice is an agreement between two companies in business.

At present e invoicing is used and full details are stored in the computer. No paper work done and time saving and if demand quickly use invoice number and received full details of the products are presented electronically and online.

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