How Technology Has Changed The Way We Control Our Lives

Every year it seems like something new is invented or created to make life easier. A long, long time ago before there was electricity and gas to heat your home, someone had to discover these things and create the heaters and light bulbs that would power our lives and making living easier, and warmer. The oil that would heat and run our lives was first discovered some 4,000 years ago.

Since that discovery gas has been used to do many things, from powering light to running vehicles. Those are just the most basic things, for most people, that technology and its inventions have done for the world. Here are a few smaller things that you may not have thought of.

Controlling Everything From Your Smartphone

The smartphone is the bane of some people’s existence, especially those with teenagers. However, many people don’t realize all of the things their fancy phones can do for them. Remember, there is an app for that.

Not only can you walk and play games at the same time, but you can also turn on your home’s alarm system, regulate your heater so you come home from work to a toasty warm house without running up the electric or gas bill, and open the garage door without an extra device. You can also turn off the stove and the lights, among many other great advances in technology.


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You can do most of these things through your tablet as well. As long as you can download the app, you can do it all.

Work With Your Utility Companies

Speaking of heat and lights, you can also get text alerts from your utility companies to let you know how much energy you are using each week, or even each day. If you are lucky enough to have one of the newer readers on the side of your home you will find that this technology has changed the time you spend in the dark or in the cold when the power goes out.

You Have Instant Protection

Not only can you protect your home from dangers, and your own forgetfulness, you can also protect yourself from would be attackers and more with numerous apps on your smartphone. Pretty much, smartphones appear to be the best invention in the world of technology in a while.

While there are other great ways technology is changing your life, like fitness monitors that look like fashionable bracelets, breathalyzers that make your vehicle not start whenever you’ve had a little too much to drink.

How has technology changed your own life? Do you feel like it has made things easier, or just added more to your stress? Most of you would probably at least agree it has made things somewhat easier, which is a good thing.

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