Virtually Impossible to Ignore – How Servcorp Can Help Facilitate Your Next Virtual Office in Indonesia

The demand for office space in Indonesia is on the uptick, and among the pack, start-ups and other smaller businesses might benefit from alternative office solutions that can give them the same amenities while reducing costs significantly.  One particular invention of the modern office is the virtual office, which allows businesses to function remotely is the virtual office. Imagine being able to skip the drive into downtown Jakarta simply through a reliable internet connection and access to office space.


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Of the many serviced office providers available, the international corporation Servcorp can help get your business into a virtual office suite that gives you the best of both business worlds – access to a reliable internet connection and the finest meeting and conference rooms. Its virtual offices come complete with the types of amenities that allow you to complete a number of tasks and travel around the world with access to office space. As one of the oldest companies, Servcorp has a proven track record of providing quality office space to global businesses.

Continue reading to learn more about how a virtual office form Servcorp can benefit your business.

Reducing Overhead

The virtual office in Jakarta can ease the pressure of procuring office space in the city. For monthly rent, Servcorp offers businesses internet access, access to conference and meeting rooms, support staff, access to networking events, use of coworking spaces, and the limited use of private offices, in addition to other benefits. If you were to lease space in any part of Jakarta, your rental would exceed the amount you pay for rent with Servcorp, and this is just to lease the space – not for anything other than space. Servcorp has got you covered in providing your business with the tools needed to manage a business without the excessive cost.

Providing Excellent Office Support

Servcorp facilities are impressive, but it is the office support that can really facilitate business throughout the day. With secretarial support and receptionists to field calls and to meet clients at the front desk, your business meetings can be conducted in a professional manner. Furthermore, the office support in some cases is bilingual, which can help bridge communication gaps.

Other support staff that can aid your business throughout the day are IT specialist and custodial staff. Then, IT specialists can help you with your computing issues if they arise. Finally, custodial staff can help keep the office well-maintained.

Prime Locations

Even though the virtual office allows businesses to work from remote platforms, at some point, professionals have to have face-to-face meetings with clients, and this is where office location makes a big difference. The Servcorp meeting and boardrooms can fit out your meeting in rooms fitted out with plush furnishings and smart technologies. Finally, your location is one of the best places in town.

Servcorp Jakarta occupies the International Financial Centre Tower Two, which is also a green building, and in the middle of the CBD. The building has an amazing skyline and is located near hotels, dining, and other attractions. Furthermore, the building near transit, which is always good for foot traffic. With a professional fit out in the middle of Indonesia’s business centre, you are sure to impress clients with a prestigious address.

Finding Success With Servcorp

The Servcorp platform gives your business all of the advantages that can be found in conventional fit-outs. With a Servcorp virtual office, your business can operate remotely, develop a platform for your business, meet with clients in real space, and travel around the world, as needed. Much of this can be accomplished through Servcorp at a much lower cost. Let Servcorp help your business by taking a few minutes to check out our website.


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