Wix ShoutOut: The Best Email Marketing Service

Email is an essential part of everyday communication, and understanding how to use it and utilize it in the best way possible will help to make you a more skillful communicator. Nowadays, a person can easily share his/her relevant information or necessary documents as attachments to anyone. The ability to reach out to people from all around the world is a significant reason for its popularity, and email has quickly become the more efficient way to communicate.

In this article we are going to learn about email marketing services and their benefits, so let’s jump right in.

The advantages of owning and operating an E-mail Marketing Service are:

  • The ease of usage and the ability to organize and prioritize correspondence, also to send and receive emails with the option of saving documentation or images on your personal computer
  • The speed of delivery is extraordinary. Emails deliver fast no matter your location around the world. No other technology transfers documented communication anywhere in the world as soon as the electronic mail
  • The use of automated emails is beneficial as feedback to clients, informing them of the status of their message using a customized text. This sort of feedback emails is popularly known as auto-responders
  • Emails have significantly reduced the use of paper. This makes it an eco-friendly initiative and saving lots of trees
  • Newsletters are another significant advantage of electronic mail. A company can send our newsletters to subscribers or followers to keep them informed and abreast with current on-goings in the market or industry
  • The advertisement of products and services is swift, and you can reach a broader audience in very little time by emailing them

Wix ShoutOut

If we talk about service providers, then you can see a lot of companies who are offering an email marketing service, but it is not always a simple process to figure out which provider is the best. If you are seeking a reliable and trustworthy service provider, then you should check out Wix and their app ShoutOut. Wix is an amazing website builder that offers a huge range of features and applications to their customers. Whether you are someone setting up their own business, an event planner, or a blogger who wants to reach out to their fans, Wixs ShoutOut could be the perfect option for you.

About Wix ShoutOut:

As the name suggests Wix, ShoutOut is an email marketing service from the company Wix. By using this service, users can quickly create stunning and beautiful newsletters, invitations, promotions, etc. They also have readymade templates with an easy to use editor. Overall this platform is one of the most comfortable and one of the best email marketing services for small business.


Customizable Styles: They have a great variety of stunning premade styles which you can use for your campaigns, and you can quickly change the background, color, fonts and more

Templates: While most of us are not designers, Wix make it easier for us by providing a wide range of readymade templates for every type of message

Contact Integration: You can easily import your existing contacts list and reach out to all of them

Stats Tracker: When you send an email campaign, you can track the results by utilizing the feature called stats tracker

Use Mobile App: Wix also has a mobile app to create and send emails from your phone


Subscribing to an email marketing service is one the best ways to keep in close contact with your clients or followers. As we mentioned before, it is an added advantage that email can reach customers from the distant part of the globe at all times. Realistically, your website is going to have an international community, so you should do your best to keep in touch with everyone. Using ShoutOut, you can send out customized newsletters to keep your followers and clients in the loop. You can send holiday messages, and also let them know about new products or sales.

Owning a site or domain name helps you put your services out there for people to find. It gives you that credibility and a most professional approach to selling you the business. If you start your site on Wix you can guarantee that your site will be both stunning and professional. Then, you can use ShoutOut to raise engagement. If you use Wix to host your site, you won’t need to worry about maintenance and other typical problems associated with running your own site. Wix does all of the hard work, and you only need to work on taking your dreams to reality.

The best part about Wix ShoutOut is users can quickly create, send and share nice emails from the phone by using the android app. This is the only Email marketing solution available in the market which is accessible through mobile.

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