How Can An AWS Certification Quickly Boost your Income?

Cloud Computing has taken away a massive headache from business executives. The business executives no longer need to document the official works over and over again, wasting their precious time and money. It is so good that over 70% of Tech Chief Financial Officers would love to continue their investment in cloud computing.

The market size of cloud computing will keep on growing. According to Statistica, the market size of cloud computing is expected to rise from $141.4 to $159.28 within 2 years.


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With an ever-growing market size of cloud computing, corporations are craving for employees who know how to play around with cloud computing. When it comes to cloud computing, Amazon is the King of this market.  

Amazon, an eCommerce leader, and the second trillion dollar company, is also the market leader in cloud computing. The report reveals that AWS leads the public cloud computing market share with around 33% market share followed by Microsoft Azure.

Are you already compelled to learn more about certifications offered by Amazon like Aws Solution Architect Certification? If yes, I advise you not to jump into the certifications program before completing this whole article.

5 Compelling Reasons to Go with AWS Certification

The cloud computing experts are already enjoying much pay of around $100-200k and above. Let’s check out some more reasons to take AWS Certification and get into this enormous growing market.

1. Love for public cloud

Over 80% of corporations are using a public cloud. Furthermore, around 13% of those companies are currently running over 1,000 virtual machines in the cloud. Among these companies, a lot of them are already using Amazon AWS. That’s not it. IDC predicts the growth of 6 times or better in cloud computing by 2020.


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Just imagine how compelling you can be by just adding AWS Certification in your portfolio. Most of the corporations want to work with certified professionals. The certification course on the top of your collection automatically means that your demand will go up instantly.

2. AWS is still growing at a steady rate

After disrupting the whole retail market of the USA and many other parts of the world, Amazon is also leading the cloud computing market, and it is still growing at a decent rate. According to Statistica, AWS increased its share by 46% in the third quarter of 2018. Its growth will not stop anytime sooner.

Moreover, many users are also shifting to Amazon Web Services due to its improving cloud infrastructure. What further can you expect from Amazon Web Services?

3. Future Proof

Information is extremely crucial for every single organization. As of now, we already have over 2.7 Zettabytes of digital data. The organizations want to keep their data as safe as possible. The solution to secure information storage is cloud infrastructure.

The cloud computing technology is not a fad, and that is for sure. Due to an enormous potential of cloud computing, we are witnessing the rise in the investment in cloud infrastructure. This cloud computing technology is so high that it surpasses the average IT sector growth.

If we carefully look at the global architecture of Amazon Web Services, it already has its data centers in different parts of the world, and it currently owns 44 availability zones spread out in 16 geographical regions.

4. Affordable Pricing and High Pay Off

AWS offers a free tier for a year to anyone who wants to get their feet wet. A whole single year is more than enough to get familiar with the technology. Amazon also uses a pay-as-you-go approach, which allows businesses to expand only when it needs to.

The flexible pricing of Amazon is compelling for any businesses to fall in love with Amazon Web Services. The more companies getting on AWS means the more demand for AWS certified professionals.

Amazon is not only affordable for businesses, but also for people who want to use this technology to help other companies. It just takes around $150-300 to appear in an exam. Here is what AWS certified professionals are getting in return on their investments.


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The demand for AWS certified professionals is so high that corporations are willing to pay over $100k for their services. I hope the pay is good enough for you.

5. AWS is consistent, reliable, and highly secured

AWS has been able to position itself as the most reliable cloud service in the world. According to an independent review, Amazon Web Services is found to be better than all of its competitors when it comes to keeping its servers up and running. Keep in mind that it maintained its position in spite of a high-profile outage.

Talking about security, AWS offers packages that take away all the concerns of safety from its users. It provides top-notch protection for both small and large firms. It also has compliance programs. On top of that, users can also see real-time insights into potentially harmful activities.


In case you are worried about the future of Amazon Cloud Computing share, I suggest you not to take unnecessary worries. Just by looking at the growth rate of Amazon Web Services and demand for cloud computing, we can say that Amazon Web Services will keep its massive chunk of market share in the cloud computing space.

With an ever-increasing demand for cloud computing experts and Amazon Web Services continuing to grow at a rapid rate, it is a no-brainer to conclude that AWS certification is worth it.

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