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We all love to have a taste of luxury every now and then. Whether it’s chocolates on the pillow in a hotel room, engraved jewellery, or simply a nice leather recliner, these little touches make our working days worthwhile. As you can imagine, technology offers many ways to make your home life more luxurious. Personal robots are still a long way off, but here are a few other features to consider.

First of all, a wireless plant monitor. If you’re anything like me, you like the idea of caring for a pot plant, but your indoor gardening skills are a little sub-par. If there was a government agency for plant neglect, I’d be behind bars right now! However, tech company Parrot has created a pretty neat solution for me and everyone else with the same problem. You simply turn this monitor on, and stick it in the soil around a pot plant. It then monitors the sunlight, heat, moisture and other important stats. If anything falls below healthy levels, you’re alerted immediately through your smartphone app. After this, your only challenge is the haphazardly dash home to water the thing!


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A multi-room music system is another great piece of tech which will give your home life a touch of luxury. Like many of us, you probably like to have some music on when you’re getting through the slug of household chores. A Bluetooth speaker can be carried easily from place to place, true. However, what if you could listen to your tunes from wherever, without having to bother carrying the speaker? In case you hadn’t heard, there are now several businesses such as Systemline which offer multi-room music streaming. When you’re ready to get to work, just connect your phone and hit “play”. Then you can move from room to room enjoying the same playlist in the same quality everywhere. This is also handy for the odd time we can walk around the home naked, singing our hearts out!

Finally, we have Wi-Fi weather observers. These are one of the younger items on the list, but that doesn’t make them any less useful! Countless people are sick of conventional weather forecasts being so inaccurate. Check a website, see it’s going to be gorgeous, and pack up the picnic. It’s only when you’re sitting in a field that it clouds over and the rain starts chucking down. If you want a better way to avoid these situations, then a weather observer like the ones from Ambient Weather might interest you. These are solar-powered gadgets that are fixed to your home much like a satellite dish. Once they’re up there, they track wind speed, humidity, air pressure, and a range of other factors. All of this is beamed straight to your device so you can have a real-time forecast. It may not be accurate 100% of the time, but it’s certainly a step up.

There you have three bits of tech for a more luxurious home. Look around more though. Tech is always developing, and creating more ways to make our lives easier.

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