How To Bring LOTS More Traffic To Your Blog

The most disheartening thing for any blog owner is low traffic. You put hours and hours of hard work into building your website. You craft brilliant and insightful articles that deserve to be read! Unfortunately, the hard part is still to come. Creating the website and writing the content is the easy part. The real trick is standing out above the countless other blogs on the internet. Today we’re going to show you how to do just that.

Unfortunately, many blog owners take the phrase ‘build it and they will come’ literally. Building it is no longer enough! You have to actively go out there and convince people to come to your website. You need to intrigue and delight your readers. Not everyone finds it easy or natural to go out and promote their work. But that’s where we come in. We are experts are getting content seen. Follow these tips and you’ll see scores of traffic flooding to your website.

Take a long look at your content

Before you go out there and start pulling readers in, look at your content. How powerful is the work here? Is it intriguing, entertaining and unique? There are millions of sites out there and yours needs to stand out. Find the thing that makes you different from everyone else and work on it. Does your blog and your content have a strong, personal voice? Only when your content is powerful, compelling and shareable will it draw in the big numbers.


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Social media presence

Social media is at the heart of content sharing. Think of your social media outlets as a platform for your work. The bigger and stronger you build them, the further they will go. You need a core community of readers that hang on your every word. You need loyal followers who will share you content with others and spread the world. Embrace the viral power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and start building your following.


For some sites, their blog content seems to ‘go viral’ overnight. They rack up millions of views on their blog and their videos are seen across the world. It can leave you wondering how that process happens. It’s quite simple: advertising. There are very few truly viral videos or content. Most of the big content companies invest heavily in advertising. You can do the same by hiring an advertising or PPC agency. They’ll help you sponsor your content and advertise it to the right audience. Try this on a small scale first and build up.

Search engine optimisation

Most websites rely heavily on Google for their traffic. Organic search terms ought to lead potential readers right to your site. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help your site improve its search engine visibility. It ranges from harnessing keywords to sourcing large links back to your site. You can do much of this yourself, but if you need help, speak to the experts.

Getting those first few readers and building your name is tough. Follow the advice here and you’ll soon see the traffic flooding to your site!

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