Building a luxury brand: communicating your business identity online

When building a luxury brand it is essential to communicate a sense of class and style that goes well beyond the average. This can be challenging in a world where mass production and inexpensive goods are the norm. For example, many companies are using social media to advertise, and with good reason. It is inexpensive and reaches a wide demographic with ease. However, it is easy for luxury brands to get lost in the mix with other common brands. Here are some tips for marketing a luxury brand online with class and style:

Use your online presence to get customers to contact you or go to a physical location

Luxury retailers such as Hermes maintain a website so that potential customers can see what they have to offer, but if you want to buy anything, you have to contact them directly or go to a physical location. This works well because it lends an aura of exclusivity that says: “we are not common”. Stephen A Wynn uses social media to attract potential visitors to his luxury resorts in Las Vegas. Tempting pictures and easy bookings make it easy for him to appeal to guests who want a luxury experience. Even before social media, Mr. Wynn saw that building a luxury brand took time and dedication. He started off by totally revamping Vegas casinos, such as the Golden Nugget. When guests saw how luxurious his first hotels and casinos were, the reputation transferred to his later projects, such as the recently completed Wynn Vegas resort.


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Websites should be easy to navigate

Many luxury brands make the mistake of having websites that are trying too hard. Automatic audio and links in no logical order occur quite regularly. Stunning graphics are important, but too many of them on a front page can be overwhelming. At the same time, too simple a home page can be unappealing – these are the pages that you go to and it seems like there is nothing there, because links are hidden on a graphic, or has text that is too close to the background color to show up properly. High quality graphics, easy to read links for quick navigation, and no automatic videos or music are essential for building a luxury brand presence online, because if the site is hard to use then your exposure will be very limited.

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