Home Renovation Apps For 2019

Technology has certainly changed the way we interact in day to day life. And when it comes to home renovation, the app world is certainly not lacking quantity. Here are some ways that you can use home renovation apps this year for your own property if you’re feeling a little uninspired.


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iHandy Cuts Down On Tools

One of the benefits of home renovation apps is that it’s all on your phone or an electronic device. With technology being so advanced and having had so much development on it over the past five years, iHandy is one example where you can save money on your renovations. Instead of cluttering up your garage with an assortment of handyman tools that let’s face it, you might only use once in a blue moon, iHandy Carpenter offers a multitude of tools in one. This includes a surface level, a plumb bob level, a ruler and protractor and a bubble bar level. These are all useful tools that are needed for most home renovations that you do of your own accord. They are also just general tools that you may need around the home when hanging frames or calculating positions of an item of home decor.

Apps To Search For A New Home

If a home renovation is to the extent of actually purchasing a new home, then there’s a wealth of property apps to choose from in order to find your perfect property. For example, if you want to find new condos in Liberty Village then pecondo is certainly a good place to start. There’s also plenty of other local, national and international apps that you can take advantage of in order to find properties of various sizes and a lot of them will allow you to filter your preferences so that you can find something much quicker than you could back before we had the internet. The time it takes to go into a real estate, to set up visits and to go through the whole process can be extensive but you can actually save a lot of time by cutting most of it out and downloading one of these apps.

Manage Your Tasks With BrightNest

When it comes to overseeing home renovations, whether you’re doing them yourself or hiring a professional, it can be a lot to handle and even more so if you’re lifestyle is very hectic. BrightNest is one app that is a part home renovation app but also is a household management app too. It provides a wealth of articles, including hacks on how to master DIY skills and other problems that are often a common occurrence when doing home renovation. It also goes to the extent of being able to tell you more about your home and what materials or furnishings will go with interior decor that you already have in your home. It’s like a personal interior designer in your pocket and you get to take all the credit when guests come around to admire your work.

Having a management system is also a great way of staying on task with various projects that you might have going on all at the same time. It can help keep track and flag up any issues along the way, should you have any.

Cut Down Measuring Time

When doing major works to your property, to the extent of knocking down walls and putting up new windows or doors, it can be quite a challenge to do all the measurements and head scratching to work out how it will all work in the space. However, a lot of that difficulty that you may face can become a distant memory with RoomScan. This is an app where you simply take a picture of a room and it will lay the floor plan of that space out in front of you in its entirety. All on your mobile phone or electronic device! It calculates approximate floor lengths and measurements of your walls and ceiling. It’s surprising that such an app can exist however at the same time, we’ve come to expect nothing less from technology and what it can do nowadays.

For newbies or amateurs to home renovation, the RoomScan app can help sort those complications in the process that can end up taking a long time to figure out and in some cases, it can even be worked out incorrectly and that can delay these projects in further. Not to mention that it costs money to then rectify any mistakes that have been made.

For any property owner, a home renovation can be a big project, no matter how big or small the work may be. So it’s great to see so many apps that are now available on our mobile phones and electronic devices to help give us that guidance along the way.

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