Top Medical Gadgets Showcasing The Newest Technologies

No one wants to miss out on the coolest and newest tech gadgets, especially when they have to do with the human body and human performance enhancement.  Technology saves lives, and it’s always good to know the method in which doctors plan to implement such technology.  So, to keep you on your metatarsals, here are a few summaries of some of the top healthcare gadgets on the market today.

Let the doctor monitor your heart’s activity in real time

If you have ever been subjected to the bulkiness of wearing a heart monitor for a week or so, then you understand that monitoring your heart activity can be a tricky science.  There’s a new contraption that is only a smidgen of the size of the older model heart monitoring devices.  The Vital Connect Patch is only about two inches long, and just sticks onto your chest to read your vitals.  The data from the device is automatically uploaded via the “cloud” to your doctor’s chosen device.  

Bring the doctor “virtually” into your home

There’s actually a device that enables you to schedule and experience a virtual house call from the doctor of your choosing (as long as they are privy to the technology you are attempting to employ).  The cost to acquire the Electronic House Call is actually covered by Medicare.  It’s a device that enables video interaction between doctor and patient.  It also has other features that will monitor the patient’s vitals, pulse ox…etc… all from the comfort of your own home.  


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Save your arms from those digging nurses

We’ve all had those moments where our blood needed to be drawn, and the nurse is incapable of finding your vein.  So you sit there, patiently waiting, hoping they will find success quickly.  Now… there’s a device that will find your veins with no contact at all.  The AV300 Vein Viewer is a hand-held, lightweight device that uses special technology to show the patient’s veins on a small screen using infrared technology.  

Check in on your sleepy time activities

If you’re not privy to the full understanding that sleep is one of the most valuable parts of your daily routine, then you may be a victim of denial (NOT a river in Egypt).  Sleep, or the lack thereof, has been proven the main cause of several different common physical and mental ailments.  It has been estimated that we actually sleep almost a third of our lives!  Without sleep, we will die.  The quality of our rest often determines the quality of our day.  This device will monitor exactly how much time you spend in each phase of your nightly sleep cycle.  It also has the capability to wake you up at just the right time in your sleep cycle.  This will help you to awaken with a more pleasant demeanor.

Personal monitoring devices are all the rage

There is a personal device to monitor just about anything you wish to monitor these days.  There’s a wristband that will monitor your heart rate, a phone app to monitor your steps per day, a set of headphones that will monitor how far you’ve run, and even a water bottle that will monitor your daily intake of water.  Hydration is one of the simple regiments that we tend to neglect in our daily lives.  This water bottle links to an app on your phone, and it glows blue when you need more water.  It’s called HydrateMe!

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