How To Solve DLL Related Errors? Here Are The Best Solutions

Working with Windows and familiar with .dll files errors? Annoying messages are constantly popping out? Install .dll files and fix all errors your PC

Most Common Issues With .dll Files

DLL files errors are affecting Windows operational processes and appear when users are launching certain programs as annoying error windows. These problems indicate that some required .dll file is corrupted or missing. Various PC programs may use the same DLL file and overwrite it. Sometimes, DLL loading errors may indicate a registry problem, malware presence or a hardware failure.

Among most common DLL files errors are:

  • D3dx9_39.dll is missing. There are few ways this error pops up, most usual are “D3dx9_39.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this” or “D3DX9_39.DLL Not Found”. This error takes place when any program or a game is launched. D3dx9_39.dll file stored in in the DirectX software collection and used in graphics programs and Windows based games.
  • Another common error “Msvcr110.dll is missing” occurs when you try starting a program. It often says “The Program can”t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. ” user is expected to update his Windows  or downloading required DLL file from reliable online source.


How to fix some .dll errors?

Not all errors are serious enough to take drastic measures, some of them may be solved by means of these simple support options:

  • Reboot your PC, sometimes this actions resolves the problem and DLL error might be temporary;
  • Restore deleted DLL file;
  • Recover the file be means of free programs;
  • Reinstall the program that requires .dll file;
  • Your hardware may require drivers’ updating;
  • Apply available Windows updates.

The most efficient way of dealing with these kinds of errors or finding missing files is browsing through huge library and finding the required one.

Benefits of online library

Those users who are looking for missing .dll file may find online libraries extremely useful as the one from mentioned above source is being updated on a regular basis and includes great amount of various DLL files available for download without any payments or registration procedures.

All the files are kept in alphabetic order or can be found manually – by indicating the name in the search field. If you don’t know how to install required file –the website has “How to Install DLL files” page that you will find rather useful as well as Video Tutorials with guidance and recommendations. Moreover, if you failed finding needed .dll file – complete a form indicating your email, filename required, software that requires this file and error message. In few days or, sometimes, hours you will get your missing file.

Users also able uploading own files to help others. After proper verification these files are available for public download.

How to install DLL files?

Some users may find it challenging installing files and here are main steps that will help additional difficulties:

  • Download required DLL files from online library;
  • Copy them to the needed folder;
  • Execute command resrv32 “name.dll” by running the command line;
  • Restart your PC.

Files are free for download but if you want automatically resolve any .dll related issues it is possible buying fixer from the website.

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