Choosing the Right Business Computer

An office computer is different from a personal, consumer desktop in several, significant ways. Business desktops are built to last longer, for one. They also often come with dedicated tech support. When it comes to choosing the right office computer, you can either opt for a business desktop, an office laptop, or a touchscreen notebook. Here is a closer look at each, and the advantages and disadvantages of all three options.

Business Desktops

To be able to finish work on time, you and your employees will need desktops that are fast. Look for computers that have fast processors, such as the Lenovo Desktops for Small Business range of high-performing desktops. These office computers pack in all the components needed to ensure a reliable, high-quality machine, including greater memory, more efficient CPUand good storage. You can also look for additional features good for a business desktop, such as extra bays and slots.

If you have the budget for it, opt for premium processors that super-charge your work, such as the Intel Core i5 and higher processors. If your work entails very high graphics needs such as creating architectural or 3D models for work, you can also look for a desktop with an additional Graphics Processing Unit along with the built-in graphics processing ability that every desktop’s CPU usually comes with.

In general, business desktops have the advantage of greater durability, longer life and toughness over office laptops and touchscreen notebooks.


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Office Laptops

As modern laptops become better every year, office laptops are growing in demand. Office laptops owe their growing popularity in great measure to their portability and versatility. Laptops can be carried to client meetings easily, used to work from home, and as an extra work device to keep permanently at home.

Office laptops are different from consumer laptops in a number of ways. Office laptops come with cutting edge security features such as biometric fingerprint scanning and software that makes securing devices easier. They also have longer battery life, processing speed and power to keep up with a demanding work week. Additionally, consumer laptops are upgraded frequently, but business laptops are built to last longer. This makes maintenance easier. Business laptops also have a tougher shell, and are built to be water, dust, and fall resistant.

Touchscreen Notebooks

Touchscreen notebooks are newer entrants in the business computer market, but they are growing in demand every day. Also known as business 2-in-1s — because they include features from both laptops and tablets — these devices are sometimes used as an add-on device to the main business computer. However, the growing number of features being added to touchscreen notebooks mean they function very well as standalone office computers too. Touchscreen notebooks make on-screen navigation much faster, easier, and more convenient. Users can launch applications, surf, shift between windows, etc., without needing to reach for the mouse or keyboard. These notebooks are often used by artists and graphic designers, especially models that come with a stylus.

Your business computer needs to be long-lasting, durable, and reliable. Use the tips above to analyse and decide which of the various types of computers is suitable for your business needs and also your budget.

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