How Online Comparison Sites Are Changing the Way We Buy

As customers, we’re always looking out for the best possible deal. Although this is always true, it’s even more so in the current financial climate, where it can often feel like everyone is scratching round for every penny.

This wish to save every possible penny has coincided with the rise of the internet, which has made the task simpler than ever before. Sites like Money Saving Expert have given people a real insight into how they can save money by shopping online. In addition, sites such as YouTube have allowed people to see and learn how to fix things or do tasks so they no longer have to employ a handyman.

Arguably, price comparison sites are one of the greatest innovations. With the minimal of effort, customers can compare everything from phones to holidays to houses in order to find the best deal. Here, we take a look at 3 industries that have benefited the most from price comparison sites.

Cars and Insurance

Cars are arguably the most used price comparison sites. Although sites now exist for comparing the cost of car parts and services, e-commerce retail sites still come out on top. Although it’s worth noting that even this is a huge cost saving measure for many motorists.

However, it’s car insurance that’s seen the biggest change thanks to comparison sites, with the vast majority of motorists now getting their car insurance through a comparison site; with Money Saving Expert citing it as a great way to bring the cost of your insurance down.

Not only do car insurance price comparison sites save people money, but they save a lot of time, too. Gone are the days of ringing individual insurers for quotes. Now, the quotes come to you. All this means you can have your insurance sorted in under 5 minutes.


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Business Services

As well as individual consumers, businesses have also benefited massively from the rise of comparison sites, as they can get companies to bid for their work of services.

One great example of this is Parcel2Go where a business owner can find out how much each delivery company would charge to send their parcel in a matter of seconds, saving them both time and money. Comparison sites can also be used for everything other than stationary shopping to catering for businesses.

These aren”t the only uses for comparison sites, they’re just some of the most frequently used today. Comparison sites have already revolutionised our lives, it’ll be interesting to see how they develop further in the coming years.

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