15 Essential Things in Car Valuation You Should Keep in Mind

Buying Car is a big deal especially in nations like India. There is a different approach one has to take while dealing with the buyers and their interests here. One basic part that one must be keeping in mind is about online car valuation India. The most challenging part about the mentioned valuation is that it always keeps meandering. Hence, one you are not pin point about the timing and ways, then not so satisfactory outcome is quite obvious. Here are the must-follow 15 points for a flawless valuation of your car.

The actual run

Make sure the buyer is not getting the wrong impression about the age of a car on its registration date. If you have maintained well through the minimal run, it is important to showcase among the buyers. Make sure the platform where you are selling conveys these things well with the customers.


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A flexible initial value

Your price should show the leeway to fit well with the customer’s capacity.  Estimate the financial strength of the customers at the platform where you are selling your stuff. If it’s a big vehicle, you should tag a significant discount as well. You may employ other strategies like a longer EMI to drag the right vale, but the initial cost should not awestruck the customer.

Find Right Opportunity

Timing is very crucial. Hold your nerves a bit to wait for the festive seasons to come. Car markets take an interesting leap during these parts of a year; hence you should take its advantage.

Have the exchange offer

This is a great way to justify your price. Show some confidence in your car by bundling it with an exchange offer. Through the process, people won’t mind in paying the added value.

Evident report card

This is one of the fantastic ways of fetching the attention of a customer among the millions at a particular platform. You can demand a zero allege certificate for your vehicle for the tenure you enjoyed it from the company itself, or through the financial agency such certificates show trust at a later stage and distinguish you from the others regarding price.

Be technical

Indians go through extensive research prior any investment, and needless is to mention the way they mind a good engine condition. Hence, it is important to showcase the good parts of your engines and its efficiency in a technical and impressive way.

How much it pays

Needless is to mention the importance the mileage of a vehicle carries in Indian scenarios. If it is showing already a good one, then it’s nice. Otherwise, you should go for any effort in hiking the efficiency level of it to drag some more into your pocket.

Tweak it as of the fuel

You should play differently for Petrol and a Diesel car. If it runs on petrol, mind not in squeezing the price a bit, as the cost of petrol is already at heaven in India. Well, you can be a bit demanding for the diesel cars.

Make the papers ready

Being always authenticate offers you that crucial nod, especially at online platforms. In many occasions, it has been seen at online platforms for the customers remaining in a dilemma about the authentication of the vehicle. Some sellers demand extra price for paper works. Being transparent on this matter can find right people for your price.

Visit the private dealers

They are the most biddable options for any vehicle, and its price. It’s a fact that the process might be a bit timid in this way, but the range of profit won’t let you mind that too much.

Ask your engineer

Cars are obvious to get some maintenance. These maintenance engineers are the most appropriate persons to enquire about the impressions among buyers for the brand of your car. Never know, you may get a customer straight from here as well!

Calculate the depreciation

Well, it’s an obvious option. But, make sure the value doesn’t get too high as it may put you behind in a competitive scenario.

Contact consultants

Consultants are always available for any business, and so for the automobile. Never mind in paying their delay as they can make you meet the most hiked price possible.


Put the ads for your sale at the most followed sites, places. However, the best way would be to put one in local daily. Never forget to mention the contact detail, though.

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