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Despite the fact that some might say that project planning is a task that does not consume that much time, no one is expected to object the tough behaviour of process management. Of course, you might also approve the opinion, as it requires enough time for a normal person to break down your project plans, create specific tasks and their sub tasks and follow a number of other steps to build a simultaneous workflow. In other words, it is a tough task to bring your work into an effective flow. Nevertheless, Comindware Tracker — an amazing product from Comindware — is all set to change the way of workflow management in such a way that you won’t have any trouble in designing and creating an amazing workflow and carrying out effectively.

Comindware Tracker does not limit itself to typical tools used for workflow management but offers something great and productive. In this post, we will have a comprehensive review of Comindware Tracker by covering its various sections such as User Interface, dedicated features and much more. In addition, we will give you an idea of practical uses of Comindware Tracker for those who are running companies that do have multiple projects to manage. As the first part of this review, we will give you an introduction to Comindware Tracker.


Know Basics — Comindware Tracker

Recalling what we have mentioned earlier, Comindware Tracker is an awesome solution to manage all sorts of tasks, you will have to confront while managing your business.  Using this solution, you will be able to create new tasks and manage them in such a way that you can get a whole idea of what is going on in your business.  For instance, suppose you have started a software development project in your firm and you want the best from all your sections.

In order to do that, of course, you will have to create different sorts of tasks that are meant for different sections of your firm, such as designing, advertisements, distribution etc. Furthermore, it is essential to make sure that all your tasks are on their right path as well as to give suggestions to each of them. When you use Comindware Tracker to do this, however, you do not need individual tools for these tasks but one and only Comindware Tracker. In other way, you can say that Comindware Tracker helps you track everything that is happening inside your company, instantly & with accuracy.


User Interface

User Interface section of Comindware Tracker can be used as a synonym of simplicity. In every possible part of its UI, team of Comindware Tracker was extremely talented, because they have broke down the very complex procedure of process management and project management into a matter of a few clicks. If you have made yourself familiar with any tool from Microsoft Office, you will not find any difficulty in getting yourself accustomed to the user interface of Comindware Tracker.

For instance, it is a simple task to create a new task in Comindware Tracker, as you just have to provide some details such as name of task, due date, status, completion percentage, creation data, assignee, some sort of description if you want, etc. Also, there will be an option to add attachments. Similarly, almost every section of Comindware Tracker is really impressive.


On-Premise, Cloud and Mobile

Availability in different platforms is a noticeable feature of Comindware Tracker. In real level, Comindware Tracker is available in two methods called on-premise mode and cloud-based mode. While the former mode needs you to set up server and other technicalities in your infrastructure and thus giving you burdens of data backup and other sort of backup, the latter completely depends upon cloud-computing-based servers of Comindware and thus giving all sorts of assurances regarding security and accessibility.

Of course, there is notable difference between both when it comes to pricing, because the on-premise mode lets you escape from monthly charge of Comindware Tracker, as it adds a relatively high one-time charge. On the other hand, cloud-based version of Comindware Tracker needs you to pay a somewhat high monthly charge. In addition to these, to help those who want to keep of their work even when they travel, Comindware Tracker has launched dedicated applications for both Android and iOS Smartphones.

Our Verdict

In our experience, Comindware Tracker is one of the outstanding tools that you can find for process management. In addition, there are a number of dedicated solutions that will help you manage your business with ease.

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