How Technology Benefits OB/GYN Patients and Doctors

Most women visit an obstetrician at least once in their lives for a regular wellness checkup or for a growing pregnancy. Many gynecologists used to be hindered by their office equipment, however, making it necessary to visit a hospital or large clinic to access certain machines for basic appointments. With today”s technology becoming smaller and more affordable than ever, doctors have more ways to examine and communicate with patients on a daily basis right out of their personal offices.

Social Media Communication

Social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, poses a perfect platform for widespread OB/GYN information. Doctors can post general updates about current treatments and innovations. Although every update doesn”t apply to all patients, these communication paths place the doctor”s name in all patients” minds. It may encourage them to call the doctor for an appointment when they would otherwise forget. Familiarity and reminders only help patients keep their appointments.

Reminder Apps

Many OB/GYN appointments have long durations between them, even as long as one year. Reminder applications, or apps, on smartphones allow patients to remind themselves far into the future that they have an appointment. Although doctors” offices may call the patient to remind them a day before the appointment, these apps give them weeks and months of notice. With busy lives, patients can make time for their health with timely reminders.

Modern Doctor Newsletters

Typing up, printing and mailing medical newsletters was a time-consuming and expensive job. Today”s doctors have the ease of the Internet. An OB/GYN doctor could have a published blog, or online diary, that”s emailed to patients once a month. This blog could also be found on the website for archival needs. Add fun health tips amongst the serious information to keep people reading.

Appointment Ease

Most doctors have a website for basic information and contact numbers. Savvy health professionals even add in patient forms to fill out online before a first appointment. There”s no need to come in early and hand-write a form at the office. Patients can even submit questions through the form portal to be answered by their doctor. With different communication forms, patients have ample ways to feel comfortable about their care.

Not Just Hospital Gadgets

Patients are lucky to be living in a technology-based world where the OB/GYN has all the machines necessary for basic care in an office setting. Many past patients had to visit or stay in a hospital setting for specific obstetrical tests. Because these machines can fit into doctor”s offices now, patients have streamlined appointments with quality care. The hospital essentially arrives at the patient”s exam door for a more comfortable evaluation.

Although there”s a distinct line between doctor-patient confidentiality and public information, today”s OB/GYN doctors are looking for innovative ways to work with their sensitive patients through technology advancements. Each new gadget and communication pathway should be evaluated for its use in the medical world, but current usage is bringing more people to the doctor”s office to stay health and fit every day.

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