Why ETF trading is so hard for the rookies

ETF which is often known as the exchange-traded funded is considered a complicated industry. To become a professional trader and know the details of the market, you have to learn more about the ETF market. After getting the basic knowledge of the ETF market, you will know it’s a very tough place to make a consistent profit. You might be able to make a decent profit by taking trades in the currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDSGD, etc. Investment at the ETF market is much tougher. Let”s find out why ETF trading is so hard for novice traders.

Analyzing the major stocks

Trading S&P 500 is nothing but taking trades based on the top 500 companies listed in the U.S stock exchange. Being a new ETF trader, it’s hard to analyze such asset and it creates massive confusion into the mind of the investors. To survive as a currency trader, you have to learn more about the market and find a way so that you can make a decent profit without having any major trouble. Try to learn about these major stocks as it will give you more idea about the best way to invest in a particular asset.


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Lack of knowledge

Most people have heard that  ETF trading is great and can help you to secure great life in Singapore. But if things were so easy, people would love ETF trading from the beginning. According to a recent study, it is safe to assume only 3-4% of the traders are earning regularly. So, if you want to make a consistent profit from this market, you must learn to manage the risk exposure. For that, you have to know more about this market. Learning about the market is nothing but taking the trades with discipline. It will be hard to adapt to the complicated market dynamics, but if you read the basics, you can survive in the ETF market.

Not having a professional platform

The elite traders always use a professional platform. The professional platform gives them the perfect tools to analyze the market data. For more info, you can visit the reputed broker Saxo website and know about their premium trading platform SaxoTraderPro. Soon, you will realize, the drawbacks of using a bad trading platform. With the help of advanced tools, you can analyze the critical market data with a high level of precision. Most importantly, you can improve your accuracy and manage some of the best trades in the market. So, try not to use a bad platform while taking trades in the ETF market.

Don’t have any knowledge on chart pattern trading

To trade the ETF market, you must learn the chart pattern trading method. The chart pattern trading strategy is by far the most effective method of taking the trades in the Forex market. If you think you can beat the market with the help of an indicator you are making a wrong decision. To be a professional trader, you should take the trade with the elite trader. Stop thinking about the complicated market structure and learn about the chart pattern trading technique. This will allow you to make decent profits and will help you to overcome the losses in trading.

The aggressive approach in trading

You can’t make money if you follow the aggressive approach at trading. By using the aggressive approach, the majority of the retail traders will lose money. To consider yourself as a professional trader, you must learn to take the trade with discipline. You can’t break rules or follow the herd. You must have fixed sets of rules that will allow you to take the trade in the most complicated market condition. So, learn to take your trades with managed risk so that you can make a decent profit without putting too much stress on your mind.

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