Get 2014 off to a flyer and kick start your yearly planning

After the sheer chaos of Christmas and the obligatory inebriation of New Year, January feels like a flat land of nothingness. You can’t do anything effectively, whether that’s applying for new jobs, starting the health routine, finding a gym that doesn’t costs heaven and earth or just getting the house ship shape – everything is a lot of effort.

However there is a tremendous amount that you can do during this doldrums month, and that is mainly planning. Not the pay-the-credit-card-and-seek-financial-independence kind, but the social kind. We put a lot of emphasis on presents these days, but a well organised party can be a present all in itself, and they aren’t easy to do well.

Planning an event takes a lot of forethought and planning, as there are many different aspects to a successful event that are easily forgotten – and it’s too late on the day. Is the lighting right in the venue? Is the food suitable for the range of guests that will be attending – older people may not appreciate trendy street food as much as the younger generation – is there going to be music? Do you need a licence for that?

Much of the stress of organising an event can be avoided by forward planning, and the enjoyment and satisfaction of putting together an event well is second to none.

Once you’ve planned your event and organised a date, venue and entertainment or speakers, then you’ve got the task of actually getting people to the thing to tackle. This isn’t as easy as Facebook would have you believe – it’s one thing to invite people, and quite another to convince them that they really want to go. Good invites avoid a high fallout rate, and there’s nothing as disappointing as multiple cancellations on the day.

Part of the key to getting your guests to the venue is to produce an attractive invite that promises to provide everything the potential guests want in an event, whether that is exclusivity, rock and roll, or the presence of friends and family. Custom made invites have the highest success rate – something that sums up the event, and the people who will be there, perfectly.

You can now design your own invitations at – the invitations can be completely customised to suit you, or you can use an existing design. The invitations are printed using high quality materials, and are the perfect way to get bums on seats at your events this year.

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