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Quite similar to MP4 format, M4V is a file format developed by Apple to distribute videos via iTunes. Often called as iTunes Video files, iTunes Store uses M4V files for shared and downloaded music videos or movies. What makes M4V different from MP4 is the DRM (Digital Rights Management) copyright protection that Apple uses to protect M4V files from unauthorized distribution.

Utility of M4V file format

Apple uses M4V format for copyright and protection purposes and essentially an encoding technique applied to encode media on the iTunes Store; media such as music videos, movies and TV shows. If an M4V file is not protected by Apple, it can easily be converted to a standard MP4 file. In the event of M4V files being protected via Apple’s DRM copy protection – FairPlay, the videos can be run and played only by devices marked and authorized by iTunes account. So that means only those devices can play such videos through which videos are purchased. However, you may still be able to convert such M4V files with the help of specialized software.

Why Converting M4V to MP4?

As mentioned before, you can play FairPlay DRM copy protected files only on devices or computers authorized by iTunes Store, even after purchasing the videos. Well, that is quite a rigid policy and people look for a flexible approach where these videos can be played on any media player, on every other computer. Therefore, these DRM protected M4V files are converted to more commonly used MP4 format which allows users to watch them on literally any type of device.


M4V to MP4 convertor tools

There are so many DRM Media convertor tools or software available that can help you Convert iTunes M4V to MP4 by removing DRM from iTunes media. You can find online excellent tools those can offer high quality converts and what more, you can retain audio tracks as well as subtitles.

Significance of having a M4V-convert MP4 media

  • Ease and Flexibility: An Apple’s DRM protected M4V file can be played only on devices authorized and registered with iTunes Store. However, once you convert such M4V media to MP4 format, it offers you a great deal of ease and flexibility as you can now play the media on any random device.
  • Play on any Device: Once M4V media is converted to the generic MP4 format, you can play your movies, music video or TV episodes on any of the devices and any number of devices as Apple allows DRM protected M4V media to be played on maximum of 5 Apple devices.
  • Forget Rental or Lease term: With the help of M4V to MP4 convertor software, you can keep your once rental media from iTunes Store without worrying on the expiration of the rental period as the media stays with you as long as you want.

Easy M4V Converter for Windows is one of such M4V converter software that simply allows you to watch your favorite M4V files on any device of your liking as it converts M4V media like purchases and rentals from iTunes Store with quite ease and, of high quality.

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