Four Tips For Sending Smarter Emails

No matter what you’re sending emails for you want to make sure that you are sending your best words and that any important information that is included in them is safe and secure. If you send a business email with your credit card info in it, you are risking your credit. If you send a job email with many errors in it, you probably won’t get the job.

Before you even start to type up the email you need to send take some time to think about the point you want to get across, what will be in the email, and who might read it. Once you’ve written your email you want to read it through, thoroughly, before you send it.

Encrypt Emails With Important Information

If you are sending secure information through email, whether it’s your social security number or your bank routing info for a new job or credit card info for an online purchase, you need to make sure that you are protecting that info. If you’re not encrypting your emails as a security precaution you never know who might be reading what you’re sending, and you might not know someone else got your info until fraud actually happens and your bank account is cleared out or your credit card is maxed.


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Use The Grammarly App

Sending safe emails isn’t the only smart thing to do when it comes to emailing people. Even when you’re sending a friendly email to a friend you want to make sure that things are spelled right and that your punctuation is proper. You can download the Grammarly app for free, which will let you know about common errors.

If you’re looking to be even more smart and professional you may want to pay for the upgraded version that will help you get really technical with your grammar! It can also be a great asset to simply read your email, out loud, before you hit send.

Set Up An Email Signature

An email signature is a must, even for your personal email if you’re using it in job hunting. Your signature can simply be your name, or if it’s your business email you could have your address, business name, and your phone number in it. You may even want a link to your blog, website, or your online portfolio in your email signature.

Know When To Follow Up

It’s important to know email etiquette, especially when it comes to sending work or business related emails. Part of this etiquette is to know when to email people back. You don’t want to leave a potential client hanging for days on end. Even if you don’t have time for a lengthy response you can send something short letting them know their message was received and that you will get back with them soon. Then, get back with them in 24 to 48 hours, no longer.

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