How Does a Bitcoin ATM Work? The Tech Explained

Ever since 2010, the public crypto market has been growing. However, with the emergence of different forms so cryptocurrency and new technologies the market is becoming even more accessible.

Now you can even add crypto trading to your list of weekend errands by stopping at your local Bitcoin ATM. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn how does a Bitcoin ATM work.

What Is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs are not the same as your bank”s remote ATM systems. Unlike traditional ATMs, they do not let users physically withdraw, deposit or transfer cash from one account to another.

Instead, Bitcoin ATMs create blockchain-based transactions that send cryptocurrencies into users” digital wallets. Blockchains are a digital ledger of transactions that are duplicated and distributed across a digital network.


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How Does a Bitcoin ATM Work?

Bitcoin ATMs are equipped with the necessary technologies to let users buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They act as kiosks to connect you to the bitcoin network and buy digital currency.

These ATMs are not owned by bank accounts and can be used by anyone, not just “account holders”. Even if you don”t already have a crypto-wallet, you can generate one at a Bitcoin ATM.

The user often uses a QR code to help access the cryptocurrency exchange. This code acts as an identifier for the user”s personal crypto wallet. Buyers will scan QR codes that correspond to their own bitcoin wallet.

Protective Measures at Bitcoin ATMs

Many Bitcoin ATMs set a lower and upper limit that can be deposited during a single transaction. These restrictions help to keep the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and anti-money laundering agency at bay.

As a secondary layer of security, Bitcoin ATMs will often ask for mobile for user verification. It also may ask you to scan your government-issued ID to deter fraudulent activities.

Bitcoin ATM Fees

In order to generate profit, Bitcoin ATMs charge users a service fee. These funds help generate a profit margin for the Bitcoin kiosk distributor. This fee is usually percentage-based, rather than a flat rate.

When shopping around for Bitcoin ATMs you should look into the different rates offered. Some Bitcoin ATM operators charge as much as 20% to their kiosk users. By shopping around for an ATM this way you can cut your losses as much as possible.

Find a Bitcoin ATM Near You

There are over 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs across the United States, so you should be sure to find a reliable Bitcoin ATM near you to support your Bitcoin transactions. ATM providers such as Byte Federal Crypto ATMs try to stay competitive by offering reliable services and competitive rates.

Use Bitcoin ATM

Once you learn how does a Bitcoin ATM work, you can leverage these kiosks to grow your wealth. Bitcoin ATMs make investing and trading crypto more accessible for everyone—even novice crypto users.

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