3 Ways To Create A Zen Space In Your Own Backyard

To create a Zen space, you must first understand the concept of shibumi.  An ideal more than a precisely defined word, shibumi focuses on simplicity, effortless effectiveness, and understated beauty. Its meaning is a sort of paradox containing the best of everything and nothing all at once.  A simple statement of unobtrusive beauty will be sure to evoke a sense of peace and well-being for you and your whole family to enjoy.


One:    Don’t add anything that is not absolutely necessary.

Two:   Incorporate naturally occurring patterns into your design.

Three: Leave something to the imagination.

Four:   Provide space for others to create with you.

Five:   Doing something isn’t always better than doing nothing.


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An easy to assemble fern fencing and a small pergola for shelter will provide structure for your design.  Be mindful to choose earthy colors, and create plenty of opened space when placing the fencing and shelter.  From here, you have a skeletal basis for the creation of your backyard retreat.

Foliage is another important aspect of your outdoor space.  Make sure to choose low-maintenance shrubs or trees when planting.  Remember, this is a stress-free zone.  It would be counter-productive to fill the space with roses or other high-maintenance vegetation.

Seating is also important.  Hammocks are a cheap fix for comfort.  Large logs and other natural elements of your surroundings can serve as perches and rest spots while also blending nicely into the Zen motif of your garden.


A rock garden furnishes an easy to assemble focal point for everyone to enjoy.  An uncomplicated rock garden provides a constantly changing collaborative work of art in your backyard space.  The simple joy of creating patterns in the sand will effortlessly reinforce a positive energy in the space with a constant reminder that everything in life is temporary and malleable.

Finally, stop to enjoy your hard work.  Take time to relax and be inspired.  Invite friends and family to enjoy the space, and collaborate in any further adornments.   Being that everything in the space is built with natural materials, your backyard getaway will age beautifully with little upkeep.

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