The Wonderful Experience of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

FonePaw is one of the most well-known and effective mobile solution brands. Its core product FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery aims at helping scores of people for recovering lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. If you are an iOS device user, this is the software you need from time to time. Well, you can be very sincere and careful, but mistakes and accidents are bound to happen. There should always be recoverable situations even after accidents. The data of any iPhone is precious for the users and FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery ensures that it remains with you irrespective of the situations listed above. FonePaw just makes sure that iOS devices are recoverable and the software can be very handy and easy to use.


How to recover lost data from iPhone with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is easy-to-use and very effective in recovering iPhone files. There could be multiple reasons for the data to lose in iPhone. It could be accidental deletions, jailbreak failures, hardware malfunctions so on and so forth. The FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is a simple recovery tool that can help you to recover the data irrespective of the fact how you lost them. There are three major options for recovering the data for the iPhone. Once you connect your device to computer, you will get an interface as below. You are provided with 3 recovery methods: “Recover from iOS Device”, “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” and “Recover from iCloud Backup Files”. The latter two recovery methods only work when you have backed up data to iTunes or iCloud previously. After choosing a certain recovery method, you need to wait for about 1 minute of scanning process, after that, you will be shown a scanning result and you can preview each item one by one. In a word, the whole lasts for 3~5 minutes of “Connect – Scan – Preview – Recover”.


What are the features of the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

There are many features that are making FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery outstanding in the industry. Here are the features that one can experience wonderfully in iPhone using FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.

  • FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is one of the strongest software that can recover deleted photos from iPhone as well as messages, contacts, notes, videos and app documents in 3 workable ways.
  • It is one of the rarest software that can directly retrieve media and text contents from your iPhone. So, you do not have to worry about deletion as well as for memory management.
  • Even if you are required to delete something to free up the space then you can retrieve it if you have backed up your iPhone data to iTunes or iCloud before.
  • It is very easy to recover anything from iPhone without even knowing much about technology. It is very fast and has amazing reliability as far as the recoveries of the deleted items are concerned. All you have to do is Scan, Preview and Recover to use the software.
  • In theory, the tool can recover entire deleted data from the iPhone. So, if you are still worried about it, then stop using your device for protecting your lost data from being overwritten by new generated data and then download FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery software.

Everybody understands the value of data in life. If there is anything that needs to be secured in the world of technology then it is the data. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery just ensures that your iPhone has all the data secured. You can use the software for both Windows and Mac Platform. You can always download the Windows and Mac Versions of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery from the website and start working with the software right now with a 15-day free trial. So, experience the most wonderful recovery software for iPhone.

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