The Technology Behind Video Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, it’s good to be well-rounded. This means creating multiple kinds of content and distributing it via multiple platforms. Video marketing is becoming more and more popular, and it’s a powerful tool for companies to reach out to an audience that wants to connect more intimately with a brand. However, it’s not enough to create a video using your computer’s webcam. If you want high quality video outreach, you’ll need to approach it with the right technological tools.

The Right Video Camera

If you’re serious about video marketing, you’re going to want a camera with the right features. Your company should rent or invest in a video camcorder that films in HD. A camcorder with a microphone jack is also a good idea, because it will allow for clearer sound. This can be a game-changer in the art of creating videos.

If you are truly serious about creating videos for marketing, don’t start with an entry-level model. While these may be easier to use, they won’t give you the best quality video for your money. Go for a camera with features like wi-fi access, excellent zoom, and multiple mic jacks. It’s also a good idea to make sure it’s not too heavy. Additionally, with any camera you buy, be sure to purchase extra memory cards – or you won’t be able to save anything you record.


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The Importance of Micing Your Speakers

The audio quality of your video can make or break you campaign. If you decide to go with a less expensive, lower quality camera, it’s especially important to mic your speakers. Think of the last time you had bad sound on a conference call or webinar. If the sound on your video is unintelligible, internet users are going to click away.

Quality Lighting

Another highly important feature of your marketing videos is the lighting. You’re not going to convert any leads if all the speakers’ faces are obscured by shadows. No matter what kind of camera you purchase, it’s important to invest in good lighting. This means soft-box lighting – especially if you’re working with a green screen.

Don’t try to light your video with the lamps you use at home or in the office, or with flood lights from the hardware store, or any other weird idea you have. Fortunately, soft-box lights are actually quite affordable, and as with any equipment, you can rent rather than buying it.

In addition, make sure you film using a tripod, or your viewers will have to wade through shaky and sometimes nauseating video quality. You can try propping your camera on a solid surface, but you’re not going to enjoy the ease of manipulation or placement that you will with a quality tripod.

Whatever hardware you need to make a marketing video that really pops, finding the right marketing service is a great way to begin. A good marketing service will provide all the technology and advice necessary to make a great video.

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