4 Tips to Ensure Your Website Converts More Customers for Your Food Truck Business

Even though a food truck business keeps you on the move, you still need to have a good website presence. Since your restaurant is always on the go, it’s even more essential to make sure your website is keeping up. With a good website, you’ll be able to build a good customer base, and it helps turn customers into repeat customers while also helping you bring in brand new customers. Think of your website as the permanent home for your business. Of course, you need to make sure your website is working hard for you, converting visitors into customers. Here’s a look at five essential tips to follow to ensure your website is doing a great job at bringing in customers.

Tip #1 – Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Most people end up searching for restaurants on their mobile device, so you’ll want to make sure that your website is optimized for use on mobile devices. If you don’t have a website that is optimized for mobile use, you could lose out on a lot of customers. You need to make sure your website makes it easy to access pages and loads quickly on all mobile devices. Not only is your food truck mobile, but your customers are also mobile.  One of the best things to remember is to have a responsive web design for mobile users that ensures your website easily adapts and scales to fit any screen size and any type of device.


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Tip #2 – Post Plenty of Photos

Don’t bore your customers and potential customers with a website that only has blocks of text. You need to post plenty of photos on your website. You can add photos of your food truck, photos of the food items you offer, and don’t forget to add photos of happy customers as well. This gives you the chance to show off how great your food truck and your food really is. When potential customers see these types of images, they’ll want to try your food as well, and you’ll find yourself drawing in more new customers.

Tip #3 – Add Reviews from Customers

Even if your food looks great, website visitors may be wondering if your food really tastes as great as it looks. Reassure them and wow them with reviews from previous customers. Potential customers want to know what people are saying about your menu, so include some of your best reviews right on your website where they can be seen easily.

Tip #4 – Offer Online Ordering

If you really want to bring in new customers, considering offering online ordering on your website. This lets your customers quickly place an order right from their smart phone, tablet, or computer. It’s a huge time saver that lets them avoid waiting in line, and it provides them with a unique experience that many other food trucks aren’t offering yet. Offering online ordering is a great way to bring in larger orders, since many local businesses may want to put in large orders for entire offices. It’s convenient and likely to keep people coming back to your food truck when you make it so easy for them to quickly order.

Remember, it’s not enough to just throw up a website or buy the greatest food truck you can find. You need to make your website work for your business. Use these tips on your website and start bringing in new customers to increase the success of your new food truck business.

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