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Haven’t we all pretended when we were kids that we can turn on certain appliances in the house just by willing it? Wishing we can turn off the lights AFTER we climbed Into the bed, when the switch is right next to the door. Or wishing the television turns on, and switches to our favorite channel, right as we get home from school. Haven’t we wished we had wands like Harry Potter so that we can just enchant these appliances to work for us?

Now that we’re older, we have other wishes: a coffeemaker that brews coffee right when our wake up alarm kicks in, or a refrigerator that signals us when we’re running too low on milk, or an air-conditioner that buzzes on as we approach the door. Nowadays, these are no longer mere wishes. Smart home automation is not only possible, but very easy to manage. Just with a touch of a button, or buttons, we can control the various home appliances connected to our home network. Some home networks are offered as a package, while most home automation options are offered as DIY projects, enabling users to choose whether or not to connect a specific appliance. Users can then configure their own control panels, complete with customized graphic overlays.


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Home Technology Solutions

A home technology solution allows users to control various appliances with a particular theme. Whole house audio solutions enable users to pipe in music to any room in the house, with control over music selection and volume. Users can configure the system to play smooth jazz or instrumental in the bedroom before going to sleep, or for an upbeat alternative music to play at a specific time, perhaps as an alarm.

Climate control solutions enable users to control the thermostat in any room of the house, as well as control the movement of the blinds. This allows users to control the temperature inside the house by allowing sunlight through the blinds. Users can set the blinds in the bedroom to open in the morning, and close during midday to keep the coolness inside the room.

Intelligent lighting solutions allow users to control the lighting conditions of a particular room. Users can utilize motion sensors to signal whether to turn on lights when the room is occupied, or off if the room is unoccupied. Users can also set the lights to turn on or off automatically according to the time of day. For example, users can configure a Goodnight scene by setting the external floodlights to turn on and all the interior lights to turn off, automatically with one touch of a button.

Home theater control solutions allow users to control the lighting, temperature, and various media appliances inside the media room or the living room. Users can connect the TV, speakers, projectors, and other media appliances to the network, enabling them to control everything from one panel.

Smart and Security solutions enable users to control and monitor their security setup including the surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and fire protection systems. For example, users can configure the garage doors to open, the lights to the front door to turn on, and specific interior lights to illuminate, when you arrive at home.

Finally, all these systems can be controlled from a control panel inside the house, or using the latest tablet or smartphone. Some system providers offer connectivity using mobile devices for the ultimate ease of access.

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