DVD Ripper for Mac: One of the distinguishing, feature rich option for Mac

If you are looking for one of the most efficient, handy, and user-friendly Mac DVD ripper that can do the tasks like ripping or conversion in to known files, then DVD Ripper for Mac is a nice recommendation. It plays well with varied kinds of devices like iPod, iPhones, Apple TV, etc. This can be one of the finest options for native media players as well.


This has a great confine that lets flexible deal with various specs for experiencing best result over Mac operating system platform. It can play well with most of the processing unit types, and handle tasks like mass conversion efficiently.

This is one of the finest stuffs made that can be suitable for beginners as well as comparatively techie groups of people. It can deal with entire set of media display options available these days.

Distinguishing features:

The DVD Ripper for Mac can rip DVD video stuff from any CD, any image file, folders, etc to work well in different formats with the devices as mentioned above in best quality. It can also drag the audio part to be played with different mp3 players and other tools.

The Mac DVD ripper has defined profiles for different products ensuring flawless set-up in accordance with the concerned device. In fact there are standard presets also made available to play with other stuffs or video playing tools.


Mating perfectly with the contemporary busy style it can handle multiple rip through useful native batch conversion. The users can always expect best control over settings panel for ultimate output parameters in terms of resolution, cropping, sample rate, etc.

Supports huge format types

As mentioned above, it can rip all those well known video formats like AVI, FLV, DivX, H.264, etc. It can do the job for certain formats made for the mobiles, PVP, etc.  Talking of the audio formats, this DVD Ripper for Mac is capable enough in terms of ripping and conversion works in to various formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, AC3, etc. As mentioned, deriving audios from videos is one of its distinguishing features.

Best output

It is flexible enough in dealing with above twenty output types and about hundred preset options through which you can pick that matches your product and tool. The best part is that it keeps on upgrading in terms of presets in regular intervals.

Best control that a user can ever experience:

It brings the user with the option of setting conversion parts and video formats with great flexibility. The DVD ripper for Mac lets user control of process initial and final parts in content, hence you can have the specific that you want. This is one of the most useful spec for event management professionals. Its efficient interface comes with sleek control with excellent set of features like preview and offers a synchronized upgraded output for resolution and file size to make you available with the best result of your changes.

Apart from this, you can be specific of your favoured track and subtitle as well. Finally, it offers you with the option of setting the bit ratio, channel and volume.

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