AskMe App Review: The App That Makes Life Easier

For the last few days, I have been using an android app called “AskMe” on my mobile phone. I installed the AskMe app on my mobile phone after watching their latest TV commercial by bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor. Their tag line “The Bapp of All apps” also attracts me lot and make me more curious to know the features of the app.

After using it for full 7 days, I would like to write a detailed review of AskMe android app. In our review, I”ll try to cover all the all the key information, best features of the app.

AskMe is a multitasking android app, which was developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd to make life easier of Indian people. Using this app, a user can find best local deals, latest jobs, businesses information like restaurants, shops, near to his/her locality within seconds right from smartphone. Every android phone user from India should download this app to make life happier and tension free. AskMe app is available for FREE on Google Play Store and the best thing is it works on all types of phone with Android 2.2 and above.

Top Ten Features Of AskMe Android App

  1. Awesome design, user friendly and loads very fast on all typs of android smartphones.
  2. AskMe android app helps users to find new and top businesses around your locality.
  3. Users can find some amazing deals within their locality and can save their hard earned money.
  4. Users of AskMe app can easily create own listing of their favourite merchants/businesses.
  5. App users can buy products from their android smartphone using integrated online store, AskmeBazar.
  6. Ads free bottom bar.
  7. AskMe android app allows its users to add images, reviews and tips for their favorite local merchants.
  8. A user can easily determine the quality of any products or services by reading reviews written by other users.
  9. The multi utility android app enables users to share their favorite merchants/companies with family, friends and relatives through email, sms and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.
  10. The app also lists the addresses and phone numbers of variety local merchants. If a user finds difficulty while making any purchasing, he/she can call the business firm directly.

I am damn sure, after reading the best features of AskMe android application, you would like to try the app on your android app. Installing the app is so easy. Just go to your phone menu and open Play Store app. Then search for AskMe app and click on the download app. That’s it. After the download is done, AskMe app will automatically install on your android phone. You can also download the AskMe android app directly from the below link.

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