3 Tips For Building And Strengthening Your Mailing Lists

Whether you’re sending out actual pieces of mail like real estate postcards or coupon books or you’re sending out emails content to previous and prospective clients, being about to effectively build your mailing lists is the only way to have success with these marketing ventures. So if you feel like your mailing lists are struggling at the moment or you haven’t been able to add as many new recipients as you’d like, here are three tips for building and strengthening your mailing lists

Offer Value That Requires An Address

To add someone to your mailing list, you have to have access to this person’s address, be it their mailing address or their email address. But generally, people aren’t super willing to give this information out to just anyone. Because of this, you have to come up with someone that will encourage people to give you this part of their personal information.

One way you can do this is to come up with an offer that only comes to them after they have given you their address. In some instances, that could include giving them content or some kind of helpful tool that either needs to be sent to an email inbox or their physical mailbox. And then once you have this information, you can then include the address they gave you in your mailing list. 


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Hold A Contest Or Promotional Event

As was mentioned above, offering to provide people with some kind of private information can be a great way to get them to give you their address. But something that might work even better for some people or businesses is to hold a contest or other type of promotional event

For many people, the possibility of getting something of value for free is almost irresistible. So if you’re able to offer people the chance of winning a contest or participating in a promotional event where they could get something they really want, you may see your list of addresses start growing much more than you expected. 

Keep Track Of People With A CRM

If you’re not already using a CRM, or customer relationship management tool, to help you keep track of the mailing lists you have, this is something you’re going to want to start using immediately. Rather than having to keep track of your mailing lists manually, a CRM can do all the heavy lifting for you, including capturing new addresses and keeping track of the customers and clients you’re already sending things out to. So if you haven’t taken this step yet as part of your marketing stack, this can really help to strengthen your mailing lists. 

If you need to see some improvements in your business’s mailing lists, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get more addresses than you presently have and better manage the addresses that you’ve already acquired. 

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