How to Avoid the Most Common Blogging Mistakes That Occur Today


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Humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

First impressions are everything for your blog. If people have less attention than a fish, that means you have less time to hook them. To make matters worse, you might be making some blogging mistakes.

Blogging is a cutthroat world with a lot of competition. The market changes every year, so it pays for you to know what the experts are doing to maintain engagement.

In this article, you”ll learn some common blogging mistakes. Chances are, you”ll realize you”ve internalized some blogging myths!

The Most Common of all Blogging Mistakes: Writing the Wrong Topics

This is an easy trap to fall in. You want to write about a certain topic, so you do it. But did you check to see whether your customers care in the first place?

Too many blogs do navel-gazing when their customers have other interests. So how can you avoid this?

Get some customer interaction. Do surveys. Read the comments, and see what the word is on the street about your blog.

Business ownership is all about understanding your customer base. The same applies in the digital realm!

And if you”re struggling to come up with topics, get the help of a company like iWriter.

2. You Post Too Little

This might be a no-brainer for some, but it pays to understand algorithms. Algorithms are (or should be) your friend. They are responsible for preening content and suggesting it to new audiences.

One of the key things a web crawler looks for is posting regularity. If you post only once a year, that looks like a dead website. Obviously, the algorithm isn”t going to recommend your site!

Try to post at least once a week. If you can”t manage that, do little updates. Even having a short post telling readers what”s going on is better than nothing!

3. Lack of Comprehensive Material

Blogs should be the landing page for a customer”s Google search. If they click away, that means you didn”t provide the information they needed. The types of blogs that go in-depth get the most consistent readers.

Chances are you”ve read an article or watched a YouTube video that did the bare minimum. It left you with more questions than answers. Maybe you even felt cheated, like the creator was just pushing content to get views!

Make your content as comprehensive as possible. Know the word counts that algorithms like. Goldish-attention people will click away if you aren”t giving them what they need!

4. Not Enough Links

One of the other ways that algorithms promote you is based on links. Innovative marketing is all about using tools to your advantage, like links.

Links can achieve two things for you:

  • Help web crawlers to map the structure of your site
  • Show external sources, suggesting that your site might provide authoritative content

If you want to maximize SEO optimization, include at least a few links. These links should be recent. However, don”t overstuff them!

Write Blogs That People Want to Read

Blogging is a learning process. Knowing the blogging myths and common blogging mistakes can make or break your website. A small business owner can”t afford to lose a goldfish-attention reader!

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