Where Fashion and Technology Collide

You’ve worked hard. Your job is set. Your finances are caught up. You’re happy and comfortable in your location, with your work, and your basic needs are good to go. Now comes the time for a little bit of luxury, and there are going to be some new fashion and technology collisions in the next few months that are going to be really interesting for people that want to take advantage of them. Primarily, it’s going to come from the fact that the Apple Watch is going to come screaming onto the scene, and now up and coming professionals are going to be thinking in their heads ‘so what can I wear to go along with it?’

Think Accessories              

Your fancy new watch is going to be the new, big accessory, of course, but now you get to accessorize even further than that, and if you don’t mind a side order of humor to your outfit, think about buying some hi-tech cufflinks. Your friends and business cohorts probably don’t even know these exist, and so long as your produce them subtlety in context of conversation or even practical situation, you’ll definitely get some points for being on the very edge of the possibilities of today’s technological landscape.

Think Subscription Services      

There are some really fascinating clothing subscription sites that are popping up all over the place. There are subscriptions for full outfits. There are subscriptions for socks. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription, and fashionistas from these trustworthy companies will take your size and your basic preferences into consideration, and set you up with savvy outfits every single month. This is a brilliant way to stay in style and not have to worry about figuring out what trends are, because you’ll actually be making these trends as you go along. No more stress, and no more cookie cutter copy catting for you. Your ultimate accessories will have ultimate fashion to flow right along with them.

Think Upward Mobility                                              

There’s a school of thought that says that you generally are in the median financial bracket of the people you hang out with. There’s a way to work this system. If you find people who are better off than you, that have a bigger house, a better job, better taste, and genuinely connect with them, then chances are very likely you’ll move in that direction of betterment. One way to get the attention of these groups is to dress better, and have cutting edge style to go with it. By trusting certain products and subscription services, there’s a good chance that you won’t have to worry about being wrong about any of your fashion choices in the future!

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