Do you need EHS software for your Business?

EHS software is a necessity in every business. It allows them to monitor and protect the health of their employees from the dangers of the workplace. It also keeps the organization compliant to the regulations and standards imposed by the state they are in.

Safety should be the main concern for every business. Compliance to safety regulations is, as well, an important factor in ensuring smoothly running operations. Governments, through their safety institutions, oftentimes employ zealous oversight on their jurisdiction to ensure the health and wellbeing of the state’s workers and the environment where the business is located. It is through EHS software that the management of businesses can measure the effectiveness of the companies’ safety rules and procedures. Additionally, EHS software allows the organization to keep up with the constantly changing rules and regulations set up by the safety institutions. This article will discuss more about the Environmental, Health, and Safety software, or more widely known simply as EHS software.


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EHS software

In general, how do we define EHS software? These are decision support systems that integrates directly to the operations of the business. It manages risks and help the company’s legal team to ensure that the business is not going to break any laws. Oftentimes, organizations designate a regulatory team to make sure that the company is not running foul with the authorities. This team can use the EHS software to let the entirety of the company stay up to date, and act accordingly on these changes. After considering each of the updates in the regulations, the company can then make changes to enhance efficiency given the constraints. Another aspect where EHS software can help is managing insurance policies. Given that the information that can be generated, the company can create new policies to optimize life and health plans of their employees. And most importantly, the software prevents workplace accidents by ensuring that the standard set by the government are met and by allowing the operations to manage the risk.

How EHS software can help your business

Beyond the features described, there are several aspects of a business that EHS software can help with. Some of the benefits of having EHS software are:


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  1. Allows for Sustainability – EHS software lets a company implement sustainable practices. It promotes a healthy and safe culture for both the employees and the customers. And ultimately, this allows for profitability in the long term. EHS software gives the advantage of predicting possible dangers from the risks that are identified by the system. By preventing these accidents from even occurring, the EHS software can boost sustainability.
  2. Encourages the employees – Employee morale is an important determinant to the success of any organization. The environmental aspect of EHS software allows the company to simplify the actions needed to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Knowing that their employer is keen on helping the efforts to save the environment can be a big boost to the confidence and self-esteem of its employees. Furthermore, an employee that knows that his/her health and safety is being closely monitored by the company lets the employee work with less worry. This allows him/her to be more efficient.
  3. Enhance consumer patronage – More and more people are becoming socially aware and are especially critical of businesses run by big corporations. When a customer feels that the business maltreats their employees, they can feel inclined to take their money elsewhere. The same goes to companies and their track record in environmental issues. A company that raises awareness and are actively promoting the well-being of its employees, as well as having the drive to reduce environmental impact can earn the company its customers’ loyalty.
  4. Generate more income – In the end, profit is still the end target of each businesses. By fostering customer loyalty and cutting back costs on accident related expenses, a company can generate even more income. EHS software lets a company carefully balance their injury rate, insurance expenses and their profit margin. It has been proven that an EHS software can reduce the amount of injuries inflicted towards employees by up to 40%. This can be a big number in terms of savings.
  5. Enhance Employee Efficiency – Regulatory teams and safety teams of each company are often swamped with work due to ever changing rules and regulations and maintaining a 0% injury rate. EHS software lets the regulatory team automate most of the functions required to be able to generate worthwhile reports. This automation also allows the company to respond far quicker to changes in laws and legislations passed.
  6. Regulatory Compliance – The best way to win a legal suit by the government against your company is to not get into one. It is the mandate of several agencies and state institutions to ensure the health and safety of the employees working under their jurisdiction. This work includes the close monitoring of these firms. It is the company’s job to ensure that these regulating bodies are kept up to date on the status of the business. They may be asked by the institution to give a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or sometimes even an hourly report. This can be tedious without an EHS software. The EHS software lets the company automate the generation of these reports and can be submitted to the regulating bodies at any time.

Most of the time, companies are put off from buying expensive EHS software for their businesses. This is because they feel that the size of their business does not merit the need for a specialized software. But due to the growing concerns about the environment and the deteriorating health and lifestyle of the populace, rules and regulations of the government are getting stricter by the day. The time will come that the regulatory wrath of the government would start coming up to you too. It would be so much better to have EHS software and not need it (though I believe that you would), than to need it and not have it.

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