Comparing the Best Android Spy Apps in the Market—Life360 and XNSPY

Recently, we came across two Android apps that basically are used for the same purpose—by overly concerned parents to look after their children through their phones. We liked the concept and a bit of research showed us that apps like these are really picking up. This makes sense—parents of today are more technologically aware than parents before. So we thought we might give both these apps a go and see which the better app is.

Life360 at a Glance

Life360 is quite simply a family app. Once installed by all members, it keeps the family connected on a single platform. Each member’s location stats appear on that platform so that everyone knows where the other person is. This is pretty useful considering the busy lives people lead these days. Parents can know where they kids have gone off to after school has ended and kids can find out where the parents are before they can pick them up from soccer practice and the like.

XNSPY’s Intro

Xnspy is a bit more complex in function than Life360. Because GPS tracking is only one of the 36 functions XNSPY has. It records phone calls, monitors Gmail and email, collects data from apps like WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Skype and Facebook, gives you photo and video monitoring power. Parents can even lock the child’s phone remotely.

Drawbacks of Each App

Putting the two apps together, Life360, although pretty good in its idea, is a singular use app. It gives you the GPS location of the family, so you can ensure physical safety. But unlike XNSPY, it does not do much beyond that, so you are not able to view what the child is doing on their phones or what sort of shenanigans they are getting up to in the online world.

XNSPY, on the other hand, although is a more versatile app of the two, is not a totally complete software. While it monitors most popular apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Skype, Gmail), it does not spy on some of the popular apps that kids are using like Snapchat or Instagram or Vine.

Which is Better?

However, if we’re going to offer a comparison, we would say that hands down, XNSPY is the better app, simply because it has a lot more to offer than Life360. While the latter is a more minimalist app, the former is more sophisticated. So you’re not only looking after the physical safety of your children, you are also keeping an eye on them digitally. You’re finding out what websites they visit or who they contact or whether they are being bullied online—problems of the modern world every parent should know.

Yes, the two are the best Android spy apps in the market right now, but based on functionality alone, we think XNSPY takes the cake this time.

Osho Garg

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