4 Weird Places to Blog That Might Work for You

Nobody said keeping up with your blog was easy, and there aren’t any rules that you need to be doing it in your office. In fact, wherever those creative juices get flowing might just be your best place to blog. It’s tough when you’re trying to blog on top of another job, keeping up with housework, caring for your family, seeing friends and other daily musts. There comes a time when you have to just admit that blogging needs to be squeezed in wherever you can, and sometimes that means unorthodox approaches.

You can blog just about anywhere as long as you’re not driving. You probably already know when the best time to blog is; inspiration often strikes at either the same time of day or while you’re doing the same type of activity. Need a little inspiration? Check out these unique but sometimes very prime times to blog:

1. While working out

There’s something about getting the blood pumping and endorphins rushing that just work with blogging. This might mean carrying a lightweight tablet with you at the gym or at least downloading an app on your phone so you can job down an outline. There’s nothing worse than having a great blog idea strike while you’re on the elliptical with no way to write it down.


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2. In the bathtub

Do you enjoy regular luxury baths but always find that the relaxation lends itself to blog brainstorming? Invest in a waterproof tablet or keep a notepad within arm’s reach that you won’t be heartbroken over if you drop it in the water. Baths are great places to think, reflect and come up with blog topics.

3. On the toilet

It might sound a bit disgusting, but many bright ideas have happened while on the porcelain throne. Some people keep magazines and books near the toilet, so a pen and paper isn’t much more of a stretch. You can even take your tablet into the bathroom with you, because who’s there to judge? Wherever you write a blog is your business.

4. In bed

While looking at a screen leads to poor sleep hygiene, sometimes sleep simply escapes you no matter what. It’s during these times that blogging might come easiest. If you find yourself waking up at 5am, don’t force yourself to lie in darkness. Get to your blog platform of choice and be productive.

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