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The old adage, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ has never been more true. With the advent of the Internet, consumers can literally find anything online ranging from new clothes to old shoes. All you have to do is find the right marketplace and you can sell or swap your new and old things for yet more new and old things from all over the world. Although this may seem silly, it is business and it can make you a neat profit. In fact, it is now relatively common to find marketplaces that exclusively list old, gently-used or refurbished materials for sale or swap. If you are looking for someone willing to take that old dresser off your hands, look no further. Here are a few websites that should do the job quite well.

Classified Ads

The website EzDropShipper states that there are many small ad websites online like OLX, etc. but nothing compares to the coverage offered by Craigslist. It does not rely on flashy graphics and trendy colors. It’s simple and minimalistic and has often been the go-to site for almost any kind of ad placement. You want to sell your home, try Craigslist. You want to buy new clothes, try Craigslist. You want to sell locally and globally, try Craigslist again. The website has a universal format and city-wise placement is possible. Ads are also free and sellers and buyers are often happy with their deals. The only problem here is Craigslist is unsupervised and you will often bump up against unsavory ads. On top of that, there is no protection for the buyer or seller and scams are common. Deals may also be broken as there is no escrow arrangement between buyer and seller. However, for local city-based ads, Craigslist is quite good.

Auction and Buy Now Sites

The site SavvySugar states that sites like Amazon and eBay are veterans in this field and they have years of experience in listing products for sale. You can choose from AUCTIONS, BUY NOW and new/used, refurbished, antique, etc. categories and the choices are endless. In the last few years, however, both sites have slowly started moving away from auctions and are actively offering direct purchase options. This is really good for buyers and sellers. Both sites are also quite protective of sellers and buyers and escrow arrangements, buyer protection, seller insurance, shipping costs, etc. are covered under the service contracts of both websites. For sellers, Amazon also offers a warehousing option in which you can send your goods to the Amazon warehouse and the company will store products until a sale happens. The website will then deliver the goods to the buyer within the designated time period. Ebay is particularly good for antiques as it offers auctions that can fetch a neat profit. However, it does charge a hefty listing fee which may make you think twice about listing a product for sale.

Clothing Websites

Gently used, vintage, refurbished, shabby chic; no matter what you are looking to buy or sell, you will get it online says small business website Chron. Websites like Etsy list beautiful accessories, clothing, handbags, etc. made by small manufacturers or artisans from all over the world. These can be purchased from the website directly and they are usually brand new or made from repurposed items. Websites like Copious and Threadflip, on the other hand, list gently used items from all over the world. You can browse listings or even list your own items for sale on the website. The entire experience is quite fun and very, very social. You can also choose to donate clothing or cash to charities through the same websites.

Used Electronics

The site Dot Complicated states that websites like TuneCycle and NextWorth are great for listing and buying used electronics. TuneCycle specializes in used Apple products and you can find almost every kind of Apple-related product for sale. NextWorth, on the other hand, lists all kinds of used electronic products. You can ship them to the website for sale or turn in the products to the closest Target Store for store credit.

Quick Tips Before You Go

  1. Always compare rates before you buy or list anything for sale. Do not get carried away with deals and make sure you verify rates and fees before buy or sell online.
  2. Shipping costs are always critical to online sale. For example, most websites now offer free shipping but delivery to international locations will always involve custom charges, local fees, insurance, shipping and handling, etc. Make sure these fees are listed clearly on Buy/Sell Contracts.
  3. Try to use a website that offers escrow protection or which at least ask for buyer and seller verification. This provides protection to both parties and ensures that deals go through.
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