5 Reasons Your Business Needs The Internet

The Internet has evolved to become an essential tool for any business. It opens up a variety of opportunities that can improve the business’ productivity and efficiency. High speed satellite Internet is the cream of the crop, next to Broadband connection, Wireless Fidelity (WiFi), and 3G. If your business has yet to take advantage of the Internet, here are some reasons that might just change your mind:

Your Consumers Are Online

More people have mobile phones than toilets. The United Nations reported in 2013 that of the seven billion people in the world, six billion of them have mobile phones while only 4.5 billion have access to a toilet. It goes without saying that if the majority of people are online, then your target market and your consumers are likely to be online as well. You have to be where your market is to better understand what they’re looking for and respond to their needs.

Everyone Communicates Online

Electronic mail and online messaging tools have replaced office memos typewritten, printed on white paper and delivered to your desk. Nowadays, business leaders communicate with their employees via online messages. It is a faster and more efficient way of exchanging messages.

This practice is also more environmentally safe as there will be reduced need for papers and ink. Teleconferencing has also replaced actual face-to-face conferences, particularly between heads of businesses and leaders located in various parts of the country, and even the world.


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The business need not spend on airfare, hotel accommodations, and other allowances just to send an employee or a manager to a business meeting; they only have to hook up the computer, the video cameras and the microphone, connect to the Internet, and voila!


There is an untapped resource comprising a particular breed of employees who function better outside of the regular office environment. These are people who work better if they don’t have to sit through office drama, wear office uniforms, or work at regular hours. Some people are night owls in the sense that their productivity increase exponentially when working at night rather than at daytime.

There is also a group of people who function better in the home setting, including disabled workers, part time students, stay-at-home parents, or people living in isolated towns.

These people are untapped resources that can be utilized as a telecommuting workforce. In turn, the business saves in cost corresponding to office space, office furniture, energy consumption, and other expenses that they would have incurred in a regular office setup.


The Internet has taken the form of information provider—a wealth of information is available just by clicking a few links or tapping your fingers on the screen of your mobile device.

Businesses can easily check the latest news and trends within the industries their businesses are in, just by checking other businesses and products available all around the world.

Scientific news, business news, and all other kinds of news regarding new technologies that can benefit their business are likewise available. It is up to the business leader to make sure their business is updated.


Lastly, you have to be online because all your competitors already are. They are already taking advantage of the benefits of having Internet connection. Running a business is a cutthroat enterprise. The business should be continually updating and upgrading to ensure continuity.

Do you want your business to be left behind?

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