Broadband Speed: How You Should Boost

There are various broadband companies offering the services. For the advertisements of their broadband, they use ads that only shows the average speed they will receive during peak times. So, these ads are representatives of what you may get and not what you will be getting 

In case the connections will be slow and frustrating, you need to have tricks that will boost the speed. 

Remember that there are many broadband deals, but you should consider fast broadband.

Check Your Current Speed

It”s essential that when you are browsing, you understand the speed you are using. So, start by trying a free test that will guide you on the download speed and upload speed.

You can compare the speed by performing your speed tests many times to know the fluctuation of the speed.


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If you realize that the speed you get is not as expected, it”s better to consider a new deal or broadband provider.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with the average speed you get, you can manually perform some work to ensure you marginally increase the speed.

Here are a few things that might bring a difference with the speed:

  • Opt to use Ethernet cables and not Wi-Fi
  • Ensure your router is at the correct place
  • Try using a wireless booster
  • Give the PC a spring clean
  • Extend the range of router with home electrics

If the above tips won”t work for you such that your connection doesn”t keep with the internet speed, it”s essential to pick a new broadband deal, choosing a new provider could also be another option to consider.

For people using their internet with basic tasks such as browsing and emailing, they need to consider having a standard speed. But in case your household is busy and need more streaming and gaming, then picking a fiber with fast speed is a good deal.

Steps Of Picking A New Broadband Deal

Whether you are in any contract or not, you can easily switch to another dealer satisfying your needs. Here are the steps to consider:

In case the contact is over with previous provider, you will be free to choose another deal. So, the promo deal will be over, and you have to start paying hiking costs. To avoid such, look for another provider. 

You have to compare broadband deals from different companies. Remember that these advertised speeds are there to indicate the speed you get depending on average speed.

If you don”t want to switch, why don”t you haggle for a better deal? Nowadays, broadband companies have become among the easiest firms to haggle with. However, it will be tricky, especially when under minimum contract period.

When under contract and you are tied for a specific period, there is a way you can ditch the package penalty-free. It depends on the time you switched to current broadband deal.

Final Words

If you are under contract, but you experience slow speed, you can upgrade or enquire for better equipment from the provider. So, you don”t have to experience slow speed again!

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