Boost Your Gaming Experience with Multi-Platform Headset

To enhance the gaming experience, use the multi platform gaming headset introduced by SONO. With supreme sound quality, seamless discussions, and wearing relief gives you the ultimate gaming environment. It is a solution for all the problems of recording conversations, playing sounds and communication. A perfect gaming headset offers you to hear the sounds in the same way it is recorded and no change in the bass or quality. You can enjoy the best sound quality and also can communicate without disruption is issues. Don’t go for fancy headphones at cheap prices with low quality, but to check the sound quality which is the main purpose of gaming handsets. Rock crystal clear high and low pitch will add incomparable experience.


What is in the Package?

  1. SONO gaming sets for an amazing experience
  2. Y-adapter cable for PC
  3. The warranty card with details of terms and conditions
  4. User manual for your support

Key features of SONO premium Headsets:

  1. Sound Quality: SONO offers accurate lucidity and strong Bass to support low and high music explosions. It offers supreme sound quality to raise the bar of gaming sound.
  2. Comfort: Burden should not be on your head while playing the game, only the best sound. It is designed by using light materials and tested on different head shapes before launching in the market. Soft earpads relieve the stress of the ears and provide a plus feel to lets you enjoy the games.
  3. Multi-platform Capability: It is compatible with PCs, laptops, PS4, MAC and mobile devices. It is engineered for all the devices irrespective of its operating system.
  4. Strong Build: No need to buy headsets, again and again, it offers the same shape and audio after years of usage. It offers you a warranty to give replacement in case of basic operations are not working or for any inside broken wire issues. Robust aluminum edges make it more tough and steadiness.
  5. Noise Filtering: SONO headsets ensure that sound is clear, as it disables the sounds of surroundings. You can talk clearer and the least background noise. You can use it for professional recording to gain high-quality voice tapes.
  6. Easy Audio Control: Voice control slider enabled you to adjust the voice easily and you can mute function on the same slider.
  7. Adjustable Headband:It is designed for all head shapes. You can adjust the band as per your comfort.


Specification of the Product:

SONO offers you a comprehensive set of features at a low cost.

  1. Model: SONO
  2. Input: 40 MW maximum
  3. Net weight: 301 g
  4. Cord length: 2 meters
  5. Speaker: 50mm dynamic
  6. Sensitivity: 101dB
  7. Connector: 3.5mm, Y-adapter cable for PC
  8. Frequency Response: 50Hz- 20000Hz
  9. Impedance: 32 Ohms
  10. Microphone impedance: 2.2K Ohms
  11. Microphone sensitivity: -42 dB
  12. Dimension: 7.32X5.43X3.62 inches


Facts to keep in mind while using these headsets:

You can mute the headphones if you don’t want to hear the conversation by using the in-line control. It offers you better control of your valuable discussions. Do not try to remove ear pads as they are not removable, trying to do so will damage your headsets. The microphone can be removed as per your requirements. The headphone jack is 3.5 mm, which can directly install on most of the devices. For PC, a Y-adapter cable is provided with the package.

This product is available on most of the e-commerce websites by comparing prices on different portals. Spare parts are available for this multi platform gaming headsets and dedicated online support is available to provide instant solutions for any product related queries.

Nowadays, manufacturers are designing the headsets artistically and choosing the right products becomes complex for customers. You can go through the reviews shared on social media platforms, online websites or on Google to buy the best gaming headsets. Cost, Brand, and quality are three driving factors which need to be considered before purchasing a worthy product.

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