Product Marketing and Design: The Power of Simplicity

Sometimes, as business owners trying to promote products, it’s understandable to want to overcompensate. You want to give your products the very best chance of being able to convince a prospective customer to give it a shot – whether online or offline. However, you’ll find that professional marketing isn’t quite as grandiose when it comes to product promotion, and for good reason.

For example, some might think that trying to snatch that prime billboard spot and placing a complicated advert promoting your product might be the way to go. While that will certainly turn heads and probably translate into revenue, you’d be surprised what simple outdoor banner printing placed outside your store or at a trade show event can do. Sometimes, simple is best; whether you’re dealing with marketing your product or designing its packaging.


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Simplicity sells

It seems like no matter the year, these two words always tend to ring true. When it comes to selling your products (online or offline), it’s likely that a good chunk of revenue will come from the middle class – those who have little time for leisure and often just look around stores for something that might interest them. If you already have a great product, you don’t have to work too hard to oversell them. All you need to do is be simple and clear about what your product does. That is often all it takes to get prospective customers to turn their heads and give your product a chance. If it’s a quality product, they’ll likely be back for more, and if it’s truly a quality product, they’ll tell their friends!

The secret is in the packaging

You may have an incredibly expensive and booming advert in a busy street that will, no doubt, get people talking about your product—but that still won’t count for too much in the grand scheme of things. You’re trying to get the attention of the passers-by in the store where you sell your products, and its chances of success depend entirely on its packaging. Is the design of your product sleek and easy to understand? Can they read what’s on the package from a certain distance away?

More importantly, is your message clear at first glance? A simple design will make it easier for people to immediately get the gist of what your product is all about. Oftentimes, that is all it takes. Remember that you only have one shot at getting a favorable first impression. That is why you need creatively designed packaging that can sufficiently communicate your brand’s values and the idea that the product quality is just as excellent as that of the packaging.

Even the Internet benefits from simplicity

There are many people out there who simply want you to get to the point, and they appreciate a clear and concise message when it comes to product promotion. Even when it comes to a website’s design, keeping things simple and making it easier to navigate can do wonders.

To conclude, while your designs can be as complex as you want them to be, simplicity will always sell. It’s a world where people often don’t have the time to give products a second glance. Give them a reason to do so by presenting the message clearly.

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