Boost Your Productivity By Labeling and Organizing Your Gadgets

If your home is like most, you”ve got more than a few handheld devices, phones and other gadgets to keep track of. In many homes, each member of the family has an e-reader, smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Keeping track of which device belongs to whom and keeping them all with the right chargers can be a challenge even for the most organized of families.

Making Labels for Cords

Cords gone wild is one of the most annoying drawbacks of having a plethora of gadgets in your home. Unplugging the wrong cord can mess up someone”s work or lose their settings. According to this article on Label & Litho, you can make labels for each device”s cord. This not only makes it easy to find which plug to take out of the power strip, but it also helps you find the right cord when the device needs to be charged. Labels for your gadgets could save you many minutes of precious time every day.

Corralling Cords

When you have an unruly pile of cords, finding what you need could be an exercise in futility. Instead of wasting your time plugging in each cord to each device to match them up, try a two-sided pouch cord tamer, suggests this article on Woman”s Day. You can also use zip ties, ponytail holders and even pool noodles slit down the middle to keep cords all in one place. Since your cords already have labels on them, it will be easy for you to locate the one you need when you want to move the item to a different location.


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Setting Up a Charging Station

With so many different devices that need charging, chances are good that you need at least one dedicated charging station in your home. If each member of your household has multiple devices, you may even want to create a charging station for each person. To do this, make labels for each person”s charger. Your labels might say something like “Dad”s iPad” or “Mom”s Kindle” so nobody”s cords escape from their designated space at the charging station. According to this article on Good Housekeeping, you should also label each protective cover or holder for your devices so all components stay together.

Keeping Track of Warranties, Manuals and Packaging

When you buy a phone, tablet, e-reader or any other device, it comes with plenty of packaging and product information included in the box. Most people hold on to this stuff much longer than they need to, often keeping it well after the device has bit the dust. Place labels on the packaging and any storage containers you keep the packaging in so you know what is where. If you find packaging or warranties for items you”ve long since disposed of, recycle it. If you find devices you no longer use, this article on Unclutterer suggests recycling or donating.

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