Bloggers and Celebrities Alike Find New Marketing Avenue with ConnectPal

Many people have grown up with the notion that everything on the web should be free. It’s no surprise, though, that content creators, in turn, have grown increasingly frustrated by the idea of putting their work online for free without being able to monetize their talent and efforts.

However, over the years, successful bloggers working in a range of genres have found ways to make money, oftentimes through using traditional advertising routes, such as display advertising, affiliate marketing and services like YouTube Partner, which pays video posters whose channels exceed 10,000 views.

Bloggers and digital content creators have also turned to subscription marketing models to market themselves online and earn money from their online presence.  Indeed, an increasingly popular way to monetize content is through paid subscriptions and taking advantage of services that allow for premium/paid content and paid memberships.

Think of it as the difference between premium and basic cable programming. The great part: not only do creators get paid once their content starts gaining traction, but subscribers get a value-added connection to the personalities they follow online in the form of exclusive quality content.


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Granted, it can become complicated and time-consuming to start tracking and billing on your own. However, new subscription-based content platforms like ConnectPal simplify the process for both bloggers and subscribers.

ConnectPal is a platform for content creators that handles all of the work of setting up a subscription-based profile.

Content creators can set up their own ConnectPal page in minutes – it’s simply a matter of creating a profile and starting to post content on their ConnectPal page. ConnectPal members can then set their own subscription prices and charge a certain amount – usually between $2 and $10 – for users to access their ConnectPal page.

Since its launch several years ago, bloggers and celebrities alike have migrated to ConnectPal to take advantage of the platform’s ease of use and its growing marketing power. Those with ConnectPal pages come from a range of backgrounds and industries and work in areas that include politics, comedy, sports, and health and fitness.

Indeed, it’s no surprise that celebrities and sports figures have also taken advantage of the platform, with celebrities like tennis player Vince Spadea, talk radio host Neal Boortz, and Alex Debogorski of the TV show “Ice Road Truckers” all now regularly updating their ConnectPal pages with unique content.

A decade ago, subscription-based social media marketing was unheard of. But as Molly Reynolds, founder of the entrepreneurs’ online community The Unicorn in the Room notes in The Huffington Post, the only constant in digital marketing is change: “From the continuing advance of technologies like mobile commerce and artificial intelligence, to the changing landscape around SEO and social media, digital marketing in 2017 will mean adapting quickly to change.”

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