The Best Mobile Accessories for 2017

If I were a betting woman, I’d wager that your cell phone is something you won’t leave the house without, along with your wallet and keys. And even if it is, I don’t blame you.

The reason for this is simple: aside from the basic call-and-text functionality that allows you constant communication with the people you should be in close contact with, cell phones have gotten so smart that for a lot of folks, especially those that do business with their phones, being unable to use their mobiles for a particular period of time is like taking away a left or a right limb.

Indeed, from an optional item some years ago, the mobile phone has rapidly morphed into a necessity.

And because the phone has become something of real value, here are a couple of add-ons (accessories, not apps) you might find either interesting or timely, depending on the circumstances you’re currently in:


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1. Wireless Earpiece

If you’re into spy movies, you might find that having a wireless earpiece as a mobile phone accessory can be interesting. Not only can this make your secret wish of becoming a spy (a good one, I hope) a reality, it can perform vital functions, too, two of which are the following:

Public speaking

If you think tightrope walking without a safety net is preferable to public speaking, I will dare to posit you dread speaking in front of an audience. Since phobias are phobias and surely won’t leave at the drop of a hat, overcoming them is the best course of action to take. Courage is not the absence of fear, remember? The wireless earpiece is inserted into your ear and connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Once this is setup, all you need to maintain is a façade of confidence while your assistant (or secretary or sidekick) feeds you the right words to say.

Business meeting

Just like when you speak in public when conducting a business meeting, somebody calls you on your phone to help you when addressing other attendees. Bluetooth connects your earpiece and your phone, and nobody even notices you’re getting some help.

OEM Motorola Wireless Earpiece is the best wireless earpiece which is designed specifically for the comfortable experience. You can order this item from Unlimited Cellular at extremely affordable price.

2. Cellphone Repeater

Admit it, when you’re on a phone call, a critical one at that, and you lose signal all of a sudden, you get pissed off. Well, who wouldn’t be, especially if it’s an emergency? Or a deal that can turn your business around for the better?

The signal received by your phone from a cell site tower, as you probably are aware, becomes weaker the farther you move away from it, especially if there’s no other nearby tower to augment the transmission weakness. Losing your phone signal can also happen as you go lower into the basement or deeper into the center of a building, not to mention wireless transmission shadowing.

In cases such as these, a cell phone repeater to boost your cell signal can help you cool down faster than a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Some models are specifically designed for homes, buildings, garages – and yes, even cars.


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3. Selfie Stick

If you are traveler and love to take photos outside, then Selfie stick is mandatory to you. By using this item, you can take excellent photographs without needing of another person. Selfie Stick is very common these days, and most of the people use it to capture the beautiful backgrounds. It works wirelessly via Bluetooth; you just need to press the button which is located on the handle. Selfie stick is compatible with all the latest smartphones.

Additionally, here is a list of accessories that you can purchase online. These items are top selling products at online stores.

  • Sony CP-W5 Wireless Portable Charging Pad.
  • Incipio Feather Case for Apple MacBook Pro.
  • Original Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5c Earpods.
  • OEM Samsung Micro USB Travel Charger.

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