Pound The Pavement No More, with Smart Technology

Consumers are finding it easier every day to find the right property for the price that suits them. Scouring the desired neighborhood for sales and open house signs is no longer the norm.

Technology, from a basic laptop to a sleek smartphone, gives you a way to visualize a prospective property before you even step foot in the door. With knowledge comes buying power to select the perfect home for years of satisfied living.

First, get pre-approved

According to the Kleer Team website, beachfront condominiums are selling for millions of dollars. If you’re in the market for this type of purchase, you need to know whether your income qualifies you for a particular loan amount.

Before anything else, go online to get a home loan pre-approved. Using all your personal income information, you can receive an approved purchasing range and start house shopping.

If buyers don’t know their purchasing limits, shopping for a house may a dicey proposition; it can even be a little overwhelming. A definite value helps to narrow down your selections.

Map it

Instead of running all over town to view properties, use a mapping app or website to stroll the area virtually. Using satellite views, you can drop down to street level and pan around to different homes.

Although there are limits to the views, it’s almost like walking along a real street. Details such as road quality, style of neighboring homes, and density of parked cars tell you a lot about a neighborhood.

Some views may tell you to throw out a prospect completely without even having to visit the place in person. A buyer’s search is much easier with a satellite view.

Outfit your cell phone

There are several real estate apps that will help you refine and sort a search on the go. From Trulia to Zillow, you can narrow down your search by price, features, and neighborhood.

These websites are also capable of navigating you to a property via GPS. A route from one property to another can be mapped, which will save you time and gas.

Check Realtor reviews

You may look at dozens of properties on your own, but you’ll still need a quality Realtor to close the sale. Look at review websites that allow users to comment on a Realtor or real estate company.

You’ll usually find good and bad comments, which should give you a solid sense of the candidates. A dedicated and experienced Realtor is critical to negotiate a fair price. Select several agents and interview them personally. Only an in-person meeting can really help you choose the right person.

Investigate neighborhood features

Try other review websites to find out about local amenities. A nearby pizzeria, for example, may have stellar reviews. You’d probably prefer a neighborhood that features all the basics with quality customer service. An area that lacks a pharmacy or gym might be eliminated from your house hunt, for instance.

Browse the Internet to find all the newest real estate tools. Making sales easier for consumers benefits everyone, including the local economy. Technology should give you enough information to make a smart decision every time.

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