Order Your Funeral Online: A Technological Passing

It’s somewhat comical how convenient death is these days. You can plan your whole funeral from behind a computer screen. If you’re a constant prepper for all of life’s blunders, here is the ultimate solution to your debacle. You can rent a casket if you’re planning on being buried, purchase your own prefabricated cremation urn (or necklace if you wish to travel), and actually plan out the whole service to be conducted after you have passed.

Rental Caskets

Yes, my friends, you can RENT a casket for your funeral. Now why anyone would only rent their final resting box is completely foreign to any imagination, but this is real. If you’re on a budget for the afterlife, renting is somewhat cheaper than purchasing a casket. You’ll pay anywhere from a thousand dollars and up to seize this virtual opportunity. Buying a basic casket to be laid to rest will only run you a couple hundred dollars more. It’s your decision. Choose wisely!


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Cremation Urns

It doesn’t seem quite as foreign to order your urn online. The only thing that tends to send a somewhat impersonal vibe is that most urn suppliers provide pre-fabricated urns. Your remains will be placed in the same exact container as some stranger’s. Not that it really matters, because you won’t be there. But if you tend to walk to the beat of your own drummer, this method might not be quite original enough.

If you don’t have the desire to be contained in any sort of contraption after your cremation, a prefabricated urn design shouldn’t be a problem at all. The urn is only a temporary solution to store your remains until your loved ones can scatter them per your request in the destination of your choosing.

Online Funeral Planning

Did you ever think you would see the day that you could plan your whole funeral program right from the comfort of your own office chair. A website entitled My Wonderful Life actually provides a sort of portfolio for you to build on throughout your life to build up the ultimate funeral presentation. With registration on this site, you can plan your funeral, leave letters of love and remembrance for your family, note where important things are located, write your own obituary, and even upload your favorite photos of yourself. There’s also a place where you can record videos to be viewed after your passing.

This website has some very valuable life charting capabilities. It might not be too bad of an idea to put a little more research into websites like this, and find one that will help you design even more aspects of your final service.

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