How is Swiggy trying to make a Place in the Food Delivery Industry?

Swiggy is the source of ordering food from a local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or application. It is one of the top online food delivery services that add to the extravagant way of getting your food anywhere. This owes to the new world’s technology thus eliminating the whole process of having to deal with restaurants physically.

This online platform runs a food delivery service and is a major online food delivery. It ties up with local restaurants and delivers favorite dishes right to your door. This arrangement benefits all its customers because they get easy delivery of their food. It is the only listing restaurants that give more than 15–25% of commission on orders that are delivered by delivery boys of Swiggy.


Making money by Swiggy

The following points about Swiggy are worth mentioning:

  • Swiggy has adopted a large number of methods to increase their revenues such as it has started to charge for deliveries so that the restaurants decline to pay commission.
  • The featured restaurants are required to pay and the amount differs. This depends on various factors like location and certain specified needs.
  • The platform does not possess an entire delivery fleet on fixed pay basis. It concentrates more on high demand hours. There are different numbers of work areas acting at different times.
  • Swiggy has made many strategic changes for its business model that includes charging convenience fees on orders of less than a minimum value. The minimum order value for any free delivery has been increased from Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 and the surge charges of Rs. 20 are taken during peak delivery hours and special offer days although the delivery fee differs from city to city.

Swiggy is awarded for being the most well-funded food start-up business. The venture has managed to gain about $75.5 million from partners like Accel Partners, SAIF Partners, Norwest Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.

What Makes Swiggy different?

Swiggy applauds about its delivery system that marks to the top due to its high efficiency and wonderful design. The most important thing that distinguishes the company from the other food delivery startups is that it claims to be more honest and faster than its competitors like Zomato and Foodpanda. The average delivery time is about 37 minutes and this makes it stand apart.

  • The deliveries in Swiggy are done by their own group of delivery boys and not by the restaurant’s themselves. Although the company has partners in the third-party like Shadow Fax for peak volumes. Like managing a large number of orders on offer days or in festival seasons.
  • The main component of Swiggy is the finest delivery services. They have no minimum orders but multiple online payment options. This makes the experience of enjoying the delicious dishes without any tension.
  • The company has added a superb feature of delivery personnel with smartphones by applications that makes it easier for the customers to have timely deliveries of orders. This feature of Swiggy makes it different from its competitors.

Shiny Future for Swiggy

Swiggy has over 10,000 restaurants in over 8 cities in India. It is tremendously growing in the food tech industry, with new found features and specialties. It ensures loyalty to its customer’s base which increases its way towards progress.

  • Swiggy has introduced Swiggy Money which is a secure digital wallet that stores digital currency to use for faster check-outs. This prevents payment failures and assures refunds in the required conditions.
  • The company aims at enlarging the availability, variety and reducing the delivery time to 20 minutes by bringing in different schemes.
  • Amazon, an online shopping site was in the news for considering an investment in this online food delivery venture.
  • Recently, Swiggy has introduced its ‘Cloud Kitchen’ that is the Bowl Company in selected areas in Bengaluru.  It has adopted this strategic feature from a favored location which is Koramangala. The idea behind the cloud kitchen is very simple. It basically offers a selection in the place where the restaurants don’t have an actual physical presence. It has tied up with other cloud kitchens like Eatongo and Brekkie. The food can be ordered from the Swiggy app.
  • Swiggy has managed to accomplish the highest point in case of online food delivery firm. It affirms a delicious delicacy with best available food and services.
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