The Fun Technology of Auckland

History, culture and spectacular landscape are some of the many reasons for visiting Auckland, New Zealand. However, the North Island in the Pacific Ocean also has an interesting variety of technological treats that appeal to a wide demographic of guests.

Museum of Transportation and Technology

Technology played a role in the human existence of New Zealanders from ancient times. As populations modernized, community residents improved upon daily living by developing more modern technology. The Museum of Transportation and Technology, or MOTAT, offers a glimpse into the evolution of advances made from the time that Europeans arrived on the islands in the 1800s until today. Guests visiting the 40-acre facility have the chance to see the history of air and land travel, methods of communication and examples of everyday life while exploring the numerous exhibits found at the museum.

Sky Tower

A popular attraction and an impressive example of engineering technology includes this 328-metre tower that required nearly three years of construction before completion. The structure is now the tallest in the country and provides guests with the chance to enjoy 360-degree views to distances of up to 80 kilometres away. Made from specially formulated concrete, the foundations lie more than 15 metres beneath the ground, which help stabilise the tower built to withstand winds of up to 200 kilometres per hour. Three glass lifts take visitors to the three different observation levels. The bravest of guests have the opportunity to experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the SkyWalk feature. While donning a full-body harness, visitors may walk around the outside 1.2-metre platform at a height of 192 metres above the ground.

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Open to the public since 1967, the planetarium contains the latest in digitalised projection technology. Located in the One Tree Hill area, the facility provides visitors with the unique opportunity to gaze upon the universe while relaxing in the comfort of reclining seats. Day or night, all year long, digital projectors offer a glimpse into the world of planets, stars and galaxies. In the specially designed courtyard, astronomy staff members introduce the public to rare views of the night sky via telescopes. The crowning glory of the facility remains the massive Zeiss telescope housed in the copper observatory dome where nighttime presentations take place on the weekends. Enjoy fascinating commentaries while observing objects in deep space.

Rainbow”s End

What better place than Rainbow”s End to celebrate kid”s birthday parties. Popular with the public since 1982, the amusement park features numerous displays of amazing construction technology to the delight of guests of all ages. The Cinema 180° consists of two 4v icosahedrons measuring 15.6 and 18 metres in diameter that present movies on an enormous screen. The Interactive Virtual Theatre provides guests with a 4D experience while seated in special hydraulically operated chairs. For anyone looking for an exhilarating experience, the Invader reaches heights of 15 metres and thrills riders with G-Force sensations. The Power Surge climbs 18 metres into the air while spinning on horizontal and vertical axes.

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