How to find the best MBA colleges in Mumbai: Start your dream career

MBA or Masters of Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees today. Every year thousands of students aspire for this degree after their Graduation. However, with the increased popularity of the degree, number of mushrooming colleges offering MBA is also growing. Most of these colleges offer below standard education and charges hefty tuition fees. While the eye catching marketing ensures huge number of student enrolment, the poor education standard makes it difficult for students to find employment after the degree. So, how do you find the best MBA colleges in Mumbai to lay a solid foundation for your career?


If you looking for a good MBA college to get your Management degree; then you are at the right place. In this post we are discussing the steps to find out the best MBA colleges in Mumbai.

So, let us start!

1. Do not go for marketing gimmicks:

Most reputed management institutes do not go for flashy marketing. So, if you see a college that is going all out on advertising; then most probably they are not the best. So, despite tall claims of 100% placement guarantee, stay away from those institutes. You would end up paying hefty tuition fees and receiving sub-standard education in return.

2. Do your research:

Make sure to do your research well. In the age of internet, researching on any topic is pretty easy. Simply run a Google search on best MBA colleges in Mumbai, and you’ll get a list of reputed colleges that you can get your MBA degree from. Most colleges have their own websites, so you can simply go the website of any particular college to get details about the institution. Another important point to consider here are the subjects on offer. So, check out the subjects each college offers and prepare a list of colleges that offer MBA on your preferred field. This way you’ll have a smaller list to work on. Getting information about the admission procedure and tuition fees are also an important part of your college hunting. Make sure to get these details from the website as well.

3. Consider the faculty:

A college is as good as the teachers teaching there. So, always go for a college that have a team of veteran faculty on board. Mostly colleges provide the names of the faculty members on their website itself. However, if you cannot find the details over there, do not hesitate to get in touch with the authorities for this information. You may also consult it with any management veteran to get a better idea.

4. Look at past records:

Choosing a college for your MBA a degree is a vital decision and can alter the course of your entire career. Thus, make sure to check the past records of the college in questions. What is percentage of campus placements over the years? Which are the companies that recruit from the campus? Are there any industry leaders in the college alumni? These are some of the most important questions to ask. Once you are satisfied with the answers, then only take a decision.

5. Consider the Alumni:

College alumni more often than not play a vital role in placement and training of the students. Thus, a college with an organised and active alumni association is always a better option. The alumni members are already industry pros and can prove to be critical in securing key internships and jobs subsequently. The best MBA colleges in Mumbai have organised alumni groups that can be very beneficial for your future prospect.

6. Tuition Fees & Scholarship:

Last but not the least, consider the tuition fees for the colleges in question. Here you must remember that higher fees do not necessarily translate into better education. However, do not make the decision based on fees. Look for the standard of education as your parameter. You may also consider the scholarships on offer, to lessen the tuition fees.

So, this is how you can find out the best MBA College for your higher studies. Make sure to keep these points in mind, any you’ll be able to dodge the superficial claims of mushrooming colleges.

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